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Carefully Warn Your Child about the Dangers of Overusing Phones



Carefully warn your child about the dangers of overusing phones

You understand the adverse effects of spending too much time using a phone. You know that it could make anyone vulnerable to radiation. Phones emit radiation like any other wireless devices. If adults like you aren’t safe, you can only imagine how much worse it is for children.

You allow your child to use a phone because you see the value of the device. Despite the risks, you know that it can help them learn more things. You also want them to enjoy using the games and entertaining videos available. You’re not like other parents who ban their children entirely from using the device.

However, given the risk of overusing the phone, you need to spend time talking to your child. Explain the negative impact of using the phone for a long time. You have to use terms that your child can understand.

Be diplomatic

Even if you feel angry because your child spends way too much time using their phone, you have to remain calm. You can’t allow your emotions to overwhelm the conversation.

If you scold your child right away, it could be harmful. It won’t only affect this issue, but many other problems you might face in the future. When your child grows older, each serious conversation becomes a shouting match.

Try a calmer approach; perhaps, after a few minutes of discussion, your child will realize that everything you say is right.

Come up with rules together

The conversation doesn’t mean that it should lead to a ban on the use of a mobile device. You still want your child to maximize the features of a mobile phone. You just want to limit the number of hours using it.

Therefore, you need to come up with a rule together. Ask your child about the reasonable number of hours for using the phone. When your child comes up with the rule, it should be easy to follow it. If there’s a violation of the rule, later on, you can remind your child about the agreement you made.

The establishment of the rules needs to include the consequences of inappropriate actions. During the creation of the rules, you can allow your child to negotiate with you about the possible consequences. Therefore, if there’s a violation, you can implement the agreed punishment.

You have to act now

When your child is at the age of regularly using a mobile device, you need to act quickly. Have this conversation right away or else it could be risky. Apart from getting addicted to the Internet, it’s also possible to be vulnerable to radiation.

Phones emit radiation, and you want to protect your child. The good thing is that with the use of EMF protection, you can ensure that your child won’t feel the adverse effects. Despite that, you need to be careful they do not use it beyond the allowable time. Be consistent with the rules and teach the right lessons.

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