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What is Microbiome Testing and How Can It Save Your Gut Health



What is microbiome testing and how can it save your gut health

Gut health seems to be all the rage in wellness circles right now. This realization has seen a rise in probiotics supplements in markets all over the globe. Unfortunately, scientists have found that a majority of these major name brands are ineffective.

It’s not because probiotics are bad for gut health. The reason why most probiotics don’t work is that they’re not tailored to your distinct microbiome. That is why microbiome testing is the key to getting your gut health in check.

Why Is Gut Health Important?

One of the founding fathers of medicine, Hippocrates, famously bellowed, “All disease begins in the gut.” That’s because the gut plays home to trillions of tiny cells known as microbes. Microbes come in many single-cell forms, but the most impact of the bunch are stomach bacteria.

Our microbes have been with us, trapped on the other side our skin since birth. They all start out as mainly beneficial. However, we alter those microbes as we age through diet, exposure to toxins, and stress.

These chemical reactions alter the atmosphere within our microbiome. Ultimately, it creates a breeding ground for pathogenic bacteria, free radicals, and inflammation.

That is a recipe for a number of issues that include:

  • Bloating/Cramping
  • Depression/Anxiety
  • Eczema/Psoriasis
  • Weight Gain
  • Constipation/Diarrhea
  • Immune Responses (Itchy Skin, More Colds)
  • Fungal Infections

As you can see, stomach bacteria have a lot of influence on almost every aspect of our lives. Since there are trillions of microbes in our system, each microbiome must have a unique makeup of cells. This is further true based on a number of factors in our everyday lives.

Why Do Some Probiotics Not Work?

Some of us eat a pretty clean diet rich with whole foods, lean protein, and complex carbs. While others live their last lives in the fast lane and the drive-thru. What each person eats enters the pit of the microbiome. Naturally, different chemicals will have different reactions.

Your stomach bacteria must help in breaking down the solid food particles and absorbing their nutrients. While pathogenic and harmful stomach bacteria love a nice hamburger from Mickey D’s, probiotic bacteria like the healthy menu.

Furthermore, a person who works in a coal mine is exposed to far more toxins than a person who works from home and has an activated charcoal humidifier in their vicinity. In the same breath, a human who uses cosmetics with synthetic ingredients soaks up more harmful additives than a person who goes all-natural.

No one person has the same lifestyle. We have individual tastes, literally in food, figuratively in where we live and which cosmetics we use. All of these decisions impact our microbiome.

Whether the chemicals in food, bug sprays, or spray tans are inhaled through the lungs, permeated through the skin, or absorbed in the small intestine, they will have an interaction with your microbes. These interactions will change the stomach bacteria in your system.

The reason most generic probiotics supplements don’t work is because they’re filled with good bacteria you don’t need. Therefore, you’re just pouring water into an already full pitcher. You need to figure out what’s going on inside. That’s where microbiome testing can help.

What is Microbiome Testing?

Microbiome testing is a means to an end. Poor gut health can trigger anything from mental health problems to skin conditions to weight issues. All of these symptoms are caused by trillions of unique microbes at work. Microbiome testing finds out who these microbes are and how to extinguish them from your system.

Thryve Inside sends you an mRNA sequencing kit directly to your door. It’s not as scary as it sounds. Really, mRNA sequencing is just a fancy way of saying a gut health test.

All you need to do is take a small sample from your toilet paper with one of the sterile swabs they provide. Dunk the swab into the vial in the kit. Mail the sample back in the pre-addressed and stamped envelope.

From there, Thryve analyzes your microbiome. They have a database with references on over 4,000 microbes. Therefore, they can tailor a probiotic supplement that will help repopulate the beneficial bacteria your system is missing. In addition, they can also mix in bacteria strains that help combat the harmful bacteria in your gut.

Is Microbiome Testing the Future?

Everything in this world seems to be getting more personalized. If you can get your own panned pizza at a restaurant, you should also be able to take a personalized approach to your health. This seems to be the inevitable future.

Science has already confirmed that most generic probiotics supplements don’t work. Yet, many are in agreeance that gut health is the answer to many of our common issues. Sounds like microbiome testing might just be the future after all.

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