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Everything to know about the Harmony Test



Everything to know about the harmony test

Pregnancy is always an exciting time, but most couples choose to announce it after the first trimester.

The first 12 weeks are the most critical time for the baby’s development, so, naturally, every couple would want to know if everything’s alright. After performing the standard 12-week check-up, you’ll have the opportunity to do extra tests that will help you determine the baby’s health easier.

What is the Harmony Test

Some diseases and syndromes have no correlation with the parents’ genetic history and are directly formed during pregnancy. The Harmony Test is a type of test that scans the DNA of the baby and informs the parents of risks for the baby having Down’s, Edward’s, or Patau Syndromes.

It’s a non-invasive test, meaning it only requires a blood sample so that it can be analysed, and it’s considered an incredibly important medical breakthrough.

While the Harmony Test is the most popular, there are other similar kinds of tests that can determine various other chromosomal abnormalities.

When to do the Harmony Test

Even though it’s an important medical breakthrough, it’s not a test that can be taken at any time during pregnancy. There is only a short window that’s recommended to do the Harmony Test, and that is between the 10th and 12th week.

That’s because it’s possible for the test results to come back positive and that there will be a need for extra tests. In cases like that, time can be of the essence.

How accurate is the Harmony Test

The Harmony Test claims that it’s 99% accurate, as there’s always a very slim chance of it not succeeding. However, that chance is incredibly thin, and at the very least, it’s 93% accurate with recent statistics.

It’s also important to note that this test is only available with private healthcare, so make sure to choose a hospital that you can trust, like the Surrey Park Clinic.

How Crucial is the Harmony Test

There is no doubt that this test is an incredible medical breakthrough that offers further insight into pregnancy. At the very least, it’ll prevent the number of miscarriages of healthy foetuses because of invasive DNA tests. Not everyone truly needs a Harmony Test.

The test is worth doing for slightly older mothers since they’re at an increased risk and for those that have a genetic history of chromosomal abnormalities. The main issues are the results presenting a difficult decision if they come back positive.

If you’ve decided on keeping the baby no matter the results, then this test is not exactly crucial. However, if you’re not so sure yet, then definitely consider taking it.

Are there other non-invasive tests

The Harmony Test is the most popular non-invasive prenatal test, but it’s only one of a number of types. While not as popular and widely used, Nifty, Verify, and Panorama are also very similar kinds of tests.

Depending on your situation, you might want to consider the Harmony Test. This type of prenatal testing is definitely a medical breakthrough and should be included in most, if not all, screenings during pregnancy.

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