Home Remedies To Remove Warts Naturally

If you suffer from warts but the thought of the more extreme treatments like having your warts cut out or frozen off make you feel weak the knees you might want to consider some alternatives. It seems that over the years a variety of homr remedies have been experimented with and a number have gained popular appeal based on the results that users have experienced.

In general the home remedies for wart removal are all available cheaply and without prescription. Application is always external – where the chosen remedy is simply rubbed firmly into the warts before bandaging over the treated area. Twice-daily application is the most common dosage recommendation with the treatment continuing until the warts fall off – which may take anywhere from a few days to several weeks.

Generally speaking these home remedies aren’t considered painful by those who have tried them, though it is normal to experience a degree of warmth or itching as the remedy is taking effect. If this sensation becomes too much the wash the area thoroughly with soap to remove the application before drying it thoroughly with a clean towel.

Of all the various remedies suggested for removing warts, tea tree oil and aloe vera seem to have the most scientific basis. As warts are caused by a viral infection, any liquid which can pass through the skin and has anti-septic properties has a very real chance of at least reducing the infection if not eliminating altogether where upon the warts should drop off naturally.

If chosen, one should follow the guidance given earlier, applying the teat tree oil or aloe vera directly to the warts surface before bed. Apply an elastoplast or bandage to retain the moisture overnight where upon it can be removed. Repeat the application as necessary.

Another popular remedy to remove warts is to apply finely-chopped garlic to the site each night while some suffers have claimed to have had success with dabbing apple cider vinegar onto the offending growth.

Possibly the most unlikely-sounding home remedy entails the use of banana skins. While this may sound unlikely to help, the fact is that bananas are rich in potassium and it seems this mineral may help the skin to fight infection and protect it in the future.

While all of these remedies have been shown to work in the past, it’s worth mentioning that they are most suitable for the early stages of a wart infection. If you suffer from a number of warts, or warts that are larger in size, you may want to consider one of the various topical wart removal lotions available from many good drug stores or one of the more extreme medical treatments. Whilst these may cost a little more than the remedies you might find in your cupboards at home, these are proven medications that often work far quicker than natural home remedies.

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