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What is the best way to combine creatine



What is the best way to combine creatine

Creatine is an organic chemical compound that occurs mainly in muscles in humans. An interesting fact is that since the 1990s, it has been used to increase athletes’ performance and build lean mass. Creatine is a natural and fully legal anabolic agent.

Creatine benefits

The best benefit of creatine, in addition to its effect on muscle development naturally, is the ease of its acceptance. There is no great philosophy or special rules in this. Just eat it. Anytime, day or night, with any dishes or drinks.

Creatine will always absorb highly and help our body. However, it is worth remembering that some of the ingredients improve the effect of the discussed supplement.

You do not have to create terribly restrictive diets right away, but you can make some changes that can help creatine in its actions.

Beneficial ingredients to combine creatine with


Let’s start with the first component – water. Drinking creatine with water has basically two benefits. This dry anabolic can cause slight gastric complaints. They can easily be avoided simply by sipping it with water.

But more importantly, creatine may be associated with water before being absorbed into the muscles. What does it give? Our muscles are better hydrated which improves their work.

Alpha-lipoic acid

The second element worth mentioning is alpha-lipoic acid. We have to be aware of its participation in only one study so far, but the results were satisfactory enough to mention it.

It turns out that the consumption of a mixture of 20 g creatine, 100 g sucrose and 1000 mg alpha-lipoic acid led to faster saturation of the muscles with anabolic creatine.


Leucine is an amino acid that ultimately leads to stimulation of muscle protein synthesis. It has a positive effect on muscle development, but it also facilitates the transport of creatine to the cells.


And finally carbohydrates. It turns out that creatine consumed with them is absorbed 60% faster. But wait, there’s more! Studies have shown that in this combination, the amount of creatine excreted in the urine decreases, which means that more creatine remains in the body.

It is worth mentioning, however, that not only carbohydrates interest us, but insulin, which the pancreas secretes after eating these. The research team of GR Steenge checked the most beneficial amount of insulin when consuming 12.4 g of creatine.

A series of experiments showed that the best effect occurs when injecting insulin at a dose of 105 mU/m2/min. The 90 g of carbohydrates combined with creatine give the same effect.

I doubt anyone would rush to get ampoules with insulin, but the introduction of the right amount of carbohydrates should not be a big deal.

Creatine combinations – summary

Creatine can give a lot and it is easy to take. It’s definitely worth being interested in. And since we plan to eat it, we can take care of it and get the best out of it. Remember the four ingredients above, and the effects will be even better.

Alpha-lipoic acid and leucine can be problematic, but the right dose of carbohydrates and water is not a problem. A small change, and the effect is clear.

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