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How to become strong and live your dream




I’ve no idea how you feel about it, but I’m absolutely convinced, that the expression “the best man wins” will keep relevant and of current importance for years to come.

But the point is that long ago it was attributed only to physical properties and achievements and in our modern reality a person is forced to improve everything given by virtue of his existence and also acquired skills, traits of character, physical features and in general to cover a lot of grounds.

That comes as no surprise that people have started to realize that their top priority is to become stronger, healthier, more successful and powerful, less dependent and financially secure.

First of all, you should set your heart on success and luck, repeating “I will definitely become stronger”. This has to be approached with maximum emotions that your brain and soul may put.

I believe, in spite of its awkwardness this setting for success will go, enabling incredible results and self-esteem. But at the same time if you even have all the makings to tip the balance in your favor, nothing will be obtained without a particular purpose and motivation.

You will just get your efforts mixed up, gone to extremes and all the benefits and achievements dried up. Think it over before doing away with your usual lifestyle. Don’t cherish illusions, stop being so dreamy, down to earth and keep clear-eyed about a list to aim and do.

If you take zero-tolerance approach to laziness and keep change-oriented no doubt you’ll succeed.

Feed your brain

Success needs contribution in all directions: high mental abilities, physical attractiveness, strong health. If we are speaking about financial independence and flourishing, mental development is ranked the first source of a wealth of benefits.

The indispensable element to promote and improve mental abilities is Omega-3. Omega-3s are considered essential fatty acids because your body can’t make them — you have to get them in your diet.

The sources are great in number: meat, poultry, eggs and vegetables. You are free to combine them, turning separate ingredients into a marvelous dish, such as Russian Cabbage Soup or use Steak Soup recipe. These absolutely tasty and healthy soups will definitely still the show on your table.

Slip mini workouts into your routine

Very often people are inclined to go to extremes, forgetting about harmful impact of everything that is done only once but with great effort. The key element of success in any field is regular basis!

No matter how often, how hard you practice activity, only repeatability makes sense. So, avoid long lie-ins, change it to morning exercise or planning the day out, cancel vegetating in front of the TV taking the advantage of free time for having a walk to keep fit.

Move as often as you can during breaks. If you are always short of time to do a full session in the gym or at home, don’t resign to doing zero exercise! Efforts cultivate habits and habits make a person!

Sharpen your intelligence

It won’t take a lot of time, it may become an activity practiced during waiting for a bus or having shower and even tiding up!

Oddly, you can improve your creativity and memory by making an effort to consciously associate things you normally wouldn’t, for instance, asking yourself what sound you associate with the Ice Cream Sandwich Cake.

Also stickers on the walls around your work place and looking for synonyms and antonyms to match expressions are a great way to learn new foreign words.

Workout your coping skills

All of us constantly face problems that seem fatal, we are least likely to get the anxiety over and keep trouble-oriented. The only proper thing to do is to identify if the problem could be solved or you can do nothing about it.

If dealing with the first variant – just act to cope up and do away with it as soon as possible. The second implies drawing conclusions and trying to benefit from cross situations. Can’t afford a car? No biggie! Save money you were going to spend on insurance and plan a family holiday!

Move around at least once every few hours

This is a super useful tip as moving kills all the birds with one stone. First, you’ll stay fit for years to come if, for example, get around the city on foot. Second, you’ ll save a great deal of money not using public transport or private car.

And the last, if you are happy to have children, a 20 minutes walk will become a sudden present for kids, who are always hooked on messing around near the house or walking long distances towards parks and entertainments.

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