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How to Start Your Own Successful Health Brand



How to start your own successful health brand

You care about your health, fitness, and the future. What could be better than starting your own health brand? With your own brand, you can pursue your passions in a way that benefits others while providing a living for you.

Decide what you’ll be selling

Your first step on this journey is to figure out what you want to sell. You might have dreams for a whole line of products or services, but it’s probably best to start small. Here are some things to consider offering:

  • Services: personal training, dietary consulting, weight-loss help
  • Supplements: vitamins, herbal supplements, training/workout supplements
  • Equipment: running or yoga wear, lifting equipment, sports gear
  • Clothes: shoes, arm and headbands, hats, support socks
  • Peripherals: essential oils, magnetic devices, apps, and tracking devices

These are just a few of the items and services you could consider selling. If you already have a reputation in your community, think about what people would most likely come to you for. Once you establish a reputation with a quality product or two, you can go from there.

Build a strong and consistent brand

These days, people want their brands to have clearly defined values, and they expect everyone involved to practice what they preach. Your brand must communicate accurately and effectively. Here’s what branding needs to do:

  • Deliver a clear message
  • Connect emotionally with your target customer or client
  • Demonstrate credibility and authority
  • Inspire loyalty
  • Motivate people to buy

Building your brand starts with knowing your audience. Who precisely are you hoping to reach? What do your ideal customers or clients look like, what are their values, and what motivates them?

Find the right production partners

Choosing the right company to help you produce a product is always nerve-wracking. Whether you need vitamin manufacturers or someone to make soles for your running shoes, here’s how to find the right partner:

  • Know your budget and goals clearly and look for partners willing to work within them.
  • Ask for, and carefully review, samples of their work.
  • Find out what other brands they work with and whether those brands are satisfied.
  • Ask for some final samples or sketches before you put in a full order.
  • Find out their policy in case the final product doesn’t satisfy you.
  • Nail down how communication will happen: by email? phone calls?

Be realistic with your budget, and remember that lots of factories and production facilities can’t run efficiently if they’re producing runs that are too small. Above all, go with your gut.

Leverage the power of social media

When you’re first starting out, you likely won’t be able to afford a lot of pricey advertising. Luckily, social media platforms are now legitimate ways of getting your name out there. Just remember that it takes time to build and manage a social media presence, and it will be much better for you to have two great profiles than five shoddy ones.

Start by considering which platform is the best match for your brand:

  • Is your brand idea image-heavy? Consider Instagram.
  • Do you want to reach women in particular? Pinterest is a great place to start.
  • Do you want to play up your connections to other brands? LinkedIn is your friend here.
  • Is your demographic young? Instagram reaches the youth best.

Facebook and Twitter are for every brand and every type of consumer, so keep at least one of these on your list. Be aware, however, that younger people are trending away from Facebook.

Whatever platform you choose, make sure that you’re regularly posting content that people will want to share. This content should be relevant, insightful, and position you as a leader and authority in your field.

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