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How Nutrition Affects Your Learning Potential?



How nutrition affects your learning potential?

As we all might have experienced at one time or the other, it is usually very hard to learn anything when you are hungry. Over the past few years, there has been a lot of experiments and articles about nutrition and the perceived effect that it has on health.

It has been discovered that our ability to properly focus and how our brain functions, learn and remember things is largely affected and determined by what we eat and poor nutrients are not just the way to go, this is when we talk about our cognitive abilities, our ability to remember, concentrate and focus, good nutrition is very important.

There are a lot of studies that have shown the effects that nutrition has on learning, especially in children through impacting the behavior, health and thinking skills.

It has been discovered, for example, that any diet that has very high saturated fats content can impact memory and learning adversely while early nutritional deficiencies can negatively impact cognitive ability in children of school age.

Foods That Will Help Give Good Nutrition and Boost Learning Potential

Both children and adults need a balanced diet, rich in unsaturated fats, protein, natural sugars, trace elements and complex carbohydrates. Before the brain can function to the very best, different nutrients are needed by the brain.

If you want to improve your learning potential for free, apart from eating, you can also read a book, as reading books is known to boost the functioning of the brain. You can do that appealing to different poets and writers online.

Contemporary or classic – it’s up to you. All in all, let’s look at how these different foods help in making the brain function better.

Complex Carbohydrates: if the amount is not sufficient, the level of blood sugar is going to be low, and this can have an effect on the hippocampus, which is the brain part that plays a huge role in the process of learning.

Protein: for their growth, the bodies of children require plenty of protein. Proteins are usually synthesized into some chemicals known as norepinephrine and dopamine. The chemicals are essential for quick reaction time, thinking and memory.

Negative Impact of Nutrition on Learning

There are studies that have shown that the learning of a child and also the IQ of a child is affected by their nutrition and the absence or the inadequacy of iodine has been shown especially to be associated with a drop in the IQ.

When the body doesn’t get enough nutrients, there is usually a serious lack of focus and energy. Like it has been stated earlier, we all must have, at one time or the other, experienced the crash in energy which comes anytime we get too much of comfort foods or treats.

This is quite different in children, anytime this form of eating stops just treating and is now a full part of the diet of a child, the consequences of learning can be very damaging.

Any diet that has very high saturated fats content can impair memory and learning. It is believed that brainpower and saturated fats are linked through the effect that sugar and glucose have. Carbohydrates give us glucose, and they are very important because they provide us with the needed energy.

However, foods, which have a lot of glucose, can cause a drop in the energy levels of the body. When glucose is absorbed by the body, insulin is released; food eaten is going to be processed by this. The level of glucose only rises slightly when the meal is a healthy one, and the body usually feels energized.

If the meal is very high in glucose, the level of energy is going to witness a big drop. This is as a result of the body shutting down in order to process the high glucose content in the food.

Indirectly, the performance of a student especially children in school can be affected by a diet that is lacking in nutrients of the right amount as a result of increased absences because children with poor nutrition are always very vulnerable to even minor illnesses.

It is always hard for children with poor nutrition to focus in class and also perform very poorly in mental exercises.

The behavior of people has also been linked to their diet. The stress existing on the psychological and physical systems is increased by poor nutrition, which leads to poor behavior.

If good fats, water, complex carbohydrates, amino acids and sugars are not sufficient in the boy, it would be impossible for the brain’s frontal lobes to function very well.

Some of the poor behaviors include the inability to think before taking action and control behaviors. When this happens in a child, there is always an effect, although indirect on the learning of the child. It will be very hard to fully get what is taught in class if the process of learning is interrupted and distracted as a result of poor behavior.


It is important that parents start getting informed about the different ways through which nutrition can affect learning potential. Nutrition is vital for your learning potential.

Every student is blessed with the potential to be able to perform very well in school. Failure to provide these students with good nutrition can put them at a very huge risk of falling short of meeting their own potentials.

However, if actions can be taken today in order to provide students and everyone else with healthier and better choices in nutrition, it is very possible that they will be able to reach all of their potentials.

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