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The Best Health and Body Technology Launches



The best health and body technology launches

How many of your friends currently use fitness devices, which track their steps and record calories burned? How about devices that analyze sleeping patterns, or help you meditate?

Tech companies and start-ups are jumping on the whole ‘smart device’ industry, tapping into the mind, body, and health area due to its consistent growth.

This booming industry of smart objects, devices, and apps not only gathers information about users and the environment for data sake, but they assist in helping the user achieve a better life.

When we have the education and knowledge about our health, it’s easier to do something about it. Luckily, an array of devices, equipment, and apps are now readily available, teaching us things we didn’t know about ourselves before.

If you’re unsure about which ones to look at, the list below reveals some of the best technology launches, focusing on our bodies and health.

Sleep Devices

One of the biggest health concerns of late is our sleep patterns, with sleep being detrimental to our health and well-being. Due to busier lives, people are not only struggling with falling to sleep, but it’s the quality of our sleep that is a big issue too.

Digital sleep devices have been booming recently, as they have been designed to focus on helping users improve their sleep and analyze their patterns. These used to come in wearable bands, which potentially caused discomfort to some users, leading to the newer launches of WiFi enabled pads.

The newest pads can be placed under the mattress, monitoring your sleeping patterns, and tracking the quality of sleep. By understanding your sleep pattern, the user can start to make changes based on how to have more restorative sleep or to maximize the time spent in a deep sleep.

UV Sensors

In a bid to combat overexposure to UV, innovative products are designed to track the wearers’ UV exposure, via a tiny wearable device worn on the thumbnail.

Several companies have designed patches which stick onto the skin like plasters, which continually measures the UV exposure. By doing this, the device aims to improve sun-safety habits by making the user aware of the time spent in the sun, encouraging to seek shade to reapply SPF.

This is an example of a real unique modification to our lives we didn’t have access to before. With strengthened medical product development taking place around the world, expect to see more devices like this launch. There are so many innovative product design and engineering companies now who are focusing on exceptional devices, such as DeviceLab.

WiFi Powered Smart Scales

As a nation becoming ever so intrigued by not just their weight, but other body metrics as well, this WiFi powered device has been created.

The smart scales are designed to track your weight, water percentage, body fat, bone, and muscle mass so that the user understand a full picture of what their body measures.

You use the smart scales with an app which sync together. Have a search for Health Mate app, and you should find what you’re looking for. It continues to track your movements and helps you set achievable goals for your body.

The scales also provide heart rate indications too.

Light Therapy Glasses

With many people suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder, a new device was launched to help people lift their moods and improve energy levels.

One of these launches was focused around light therapy. It is most common in the winter months, when there is a lack of sunlight, that people feel low and depressed. By utilizing light therapy glasses, for example, the wearable device aims to deliver that dose of sunshine which perks up our mood.

They work by delivering blue light beams, which enter the eye and penetrate the retina. It works just like the sun, combatting those low feelings.

In today’s world, the device and app industry is only set to grow, giving us all guidance and advice on-the-go. Have a thorough analysis of where your worry points lie, and then have a research online for the best-recommended devices and apps for the problem. We can guarantee there will be tonnes out there.

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