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One-day Contact Lenses – Hygiene and Comfort



One-day contact lenses – hygiene and comfort

Disposable contact lenses or one-day contact lenses are single-use contacts that are removed and disposed at the end of the day. In simple words, you apply a fresh pair of contact lenses in the morning and discard them at the end of the day, and repeat the same every day.

One-day contact lenses are gaining popularity among consumers and practitioners for their convenience and health benefits.

In the world of contact lenses, the ‘disposable’ doesn’t always mean one-day use. Daily wear lenses that are discarded daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly are called disposable. ‘One-day contacts’ is the specific term for contact lenses that are removed and disposed of daily.

Why discard lenses?

Your eyes will be healthier and comfortable if you frequently replace your lenses. Calcium, protein, lipids and other substances which are found naturally in your tears can build up on the contact lenses.

This buildup can make your eyes prone to infection while making your contacts less comfortable. Though lenses can be cleaned, there is no 100% surety that the deposits will be eradicated. Some deposits will remain and linger to collect over time.

One-Day Contact Lenses- Convenience and Health

You should only wear One-day contacts when your eye practitioner has recommended you. One-day contacts are not a good idea for everyone because of their functionality.

However, many contact lens wearers and eye care professionals feel that one-day contacts offer best of both worlds – there is no overnight wear, they are healthy as there is no daily accumulation of lens deposits, and there is no lens cleaning required.

Before one-day contact lenses were introduced, it was known that the replacement of the contacts was a mandatory thing to be done. Contacts were too pricey to dispose them of quite often; hence, many devices and cleaning solutions were introduced to extend the life of the contact lens.

With disposable contacts, there is no such need. The primary reason why people love disposable contacts is that they are less expensive as compared to your regular contacts.

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There is a lot of upside of getting daily disposable contacts:

  • For starters, there is no cleaning required. You don’t have to engage in the nightly cleaning routine. At the end of the day, you just have to remove them and dispose of them safely.
  • There is no need for any calendar reminders about replacing your contacts. Daily disposable lenses come with an easy-to-remember schedule.
  • Daily disposable contact lenses can save your eyes from infections and allergies. As the contacts will be discarded at the end of the day, there is no way deposits can build up. Also, you will get a smooth, fresh lens surface every day.
  • Disposable daily contacts are great with teenagers. Parents don’t have to worry about their kids neglecting the cleaning and maintenance of their contacts.

What do you need to know about disposable daily contacts lenses?

Since you will be discarding them every day, you will need to buy the whole month’s supply.

Always consult with your eye doctor. He/she can examine your eyes and find the right prescription.

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