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5 Warning Signs You Need a Thyroid Checkup



5 warning signs you need a thyroid checkup

Health remains an important issue that people always strive to safeguard, and that is with good reason. There are many ways that you can ensure that you stay in good health and the most common ones include getting treatment or preventing illnesses.

It is often claimed that prevention is better than cure since it helps you determine illnesses early enough to prevent the effects. The thyroid gland is essential in the human body since it produces the hormones that influence metabolism, growth, and development.

That makes it significant that people always get a thyroid check so that they detect problems early enough and take the necessary measures. There are 5 warning signs that you need a thyroid checkup to determine if it is overactive or underactive.


When you constantly feel tired, then there is a probability that it could be as a result of an underactive thyroid. An underproduction of hormones by the thyroid glands means a reduction in metabolism rate, thereby causing lower energy levels.

In this case, when you have low energy levels, then you will always feel drowsy and tired. Even though there could be other reasons that make you constantly feel tired, it is worth getting a thyroid check and ascertain whether it is the cause.

Nervousness and Anxiety

If you find yourself constantly experiencing feelings of nervousness and anxiety, then it could be a sign of thyroid disease. You could be certain about the presence of the thyroid disease when traditional anti-depressant treatments fail to work.

In this case, it could be associated with hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism. This is usually one of the simplest signs that help people determine the presence of thyroid disease since it can be easily observed.

Dry Skin and Hair

The human hair gets affected by the rate at which hormones are produced by the thyroid glands, thereby making it a simple way to determine whether one needs a thyroid check. One of the signs includes having coarse, brittle and dry hair.

The good thing with this symptom is the ease with which it can be observed. It also involves an abnormal rate of hair falling off. In the cases of hypothyroidism, hair abnormally falls off around the outer edge of the eyebrows.

Swelling in the Throat

The swelling in the throat that is associated with hormone production by the thyroid glands is known as goiter. This swelling is triggered by enlarged thyroid glands and is more common in women than men.

Given the nature in which it reveals itself, it is easier to detect, thereby making it necessary that all affected go for a thyroid checkup. There are different types of swellings that people can experience on their throats; solitary nodule, multinodular goiter, diffuse goiter, and retrosternal goiter.

Weight Loss

Weight loss is also a sign that you might need a thyroid check. When there is an overproduction of the thyroid hormone, you will constantly feel hungry, which will offset the caloric impact of the increased appetite.

In this case, you will be feeding more regularly without any necessary increase in weight. Given the fact that this is a behavioral sign, it is also easy to detect.


If you see or experience these signs, then it is important that you get a thyroid check to determine whether it is an issue with overproduction or underproduction of the thyroid hormones.

The good thing is that it can be treated so that the hormone production is average. It is vital that people seek preventative measures rather than treatment. That makes seeking a thyroid check more advisable rather than treatment.

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