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Seeking Real Help For Serious Addiction Issues



Seeking real help for serious addiction issues

The problem of addiction is growing in the United States, and in some communities the problem has taken out whole communities of young people. The problem has become so severe it is becoming a type of modern plague.

Families across America have been affected by the terrible scourge of addiction as addicted people become unable to function competently in society, and often become caught in a cycle of use, abuse, withdrawal and relapse.

None of this is easy to deal with for the loved ones of addicted people, and the strain on those who watch a loved one fall into this terrible cycle is huge. Seeking Help There’s no doubt that once a person becomes addicted to toxic substances, their life is no longer their own.

The pull of an addiction to certain substances like heroin, methamphetamines, cocaine or alcohol can be enormous, regardless of how the addiction starts. Some people become addicted after an injury that leads them into pain treatment.

In past years, doctors often supplied prescription pain medications liberally, in the hopes that helping a patient manage pain would bring them relief and healing more quickly.

Unfortunately, in many cases the liberal doling out of pain medication lead to the patient becoming dependent on the drug (like Oxycontin) and unable to stop using it, even after healing from an injury.

All of this has lead to a spiraling increase in the number of people suffering from addiction, as many users switched to street drugs like heroin in order to get the same high at a lower price than prescription medications. Hitting Bottom The cycle of addiction is a horror show on many levels.

Addiction to drugs or alcohol can lead to the loss of a career or a family, as well as to financial ruin. The saddest part of this cycle is in seeing how far a person can fall from grace before they finally seek help. Seeking help, by knowing how to choose the right addiction rehab center, can be a game changer and save the life of the addicted person, but doing this takes courage and humility.

Facing a severe addiction isn’t easy. It can mean the loss of face and it requires an admission on the part of the addicted person that they are lost and unable to cope with the problem on their own.

Once a person reaches this point and admits that they have a problem, however, there is a chance for real healing to occur. Entering Rehab Once a person finally realizes they need to seek help for their problem at a place like the harmony ridge recovery center, they will need to have an evaluation by a trained addiction specialist.

A workup will be done and the person’s individual needs for recovery will be addressed. For many clients, the recommendation will be for a treatment plan that involves a course of rehab (in order to clear the body of toxins) followed by therapy sessions in a group setting as well as in one-on-one counseling sessions.

Therapy is very effective in getting at some of the unconscious factors that may be driving a person’s need to use addictive substances, and talking about these issues can lead to healing.

After Therapy Along with rehab and therapy, clients in a recovery center may also take part in group activities like yoga, horseback riding or art lessons that will help them reconnect with themselves and others in a way they were not able to while they were using drugs.

All of this can go a long way towards helping a client reconnect with the world as well as with themselves in a way that is healthy and healing. The hope is that once a person goes through the process of recovery in a rehab center, they will be able to return to their life and avoid the pitfalls of addiction.

For some people, however, the temptation towards relapsing is a big problem.

That’s why many addiction specialists recommend that clients enter a halfway house that will provide ongoing support for their recovery. These houses usually offer support for ongoing AA counseling as well as a sober living lifestyle.

All of this can help a vulnerable person to stay sober as they gain strength in their new lifestyle. No, becoming sober after living with a serious addiction isn’t an easy path. It is worth it it to commit to the journey, however, especially since real help is out there.

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