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What Kind Of Dental Implant Is Right For You?



What kind of dental implant is right for you?

If you have missing teeth due to an accident, disease or decay it can have a powerful effect on your life. Not only can it make eating uncomfortable but it can lower your confidence and keep you from smiling. Dentures are a solution that many people go with and then find that they can be uncomfortable and inconvenient.

With dentures, you always run the risk of movement or even having them pop out in an embarrassing moment. They can be tough to clean and cause soreness in your mouth. A permanent option can be a much better choice.

With dental implants you will be able to gain back your confidence knowing that you have a permanent solution that is just like the rest of your teeth. There’s no fussing with messy adhesives or having to take them out for deep cleaning. A dental implant becomes a permanent part of your smile without discomfort or hassle.

There are several types of dental implants available depending on your needs. Let’s take a look at some of the lasting solutions that are available to restore your smile.

Single Implant

If you are only missing one tooth, then a single implant should work for you. A steel post can be implanted into the root cavity of the missing tooth and secured directly to your jawbone. The post implant acts in the same way as your original tooth root would have by giving your crown an anchor of security. A molded crown that will match the shape and color of your other teeth is then attached to the post to create a permanent tooth.

Support Bridge

If you are missing several teeth on the same side of your jaw, your dentist may recommend designing a dental support bridge for you. If you were missing three teeth, you would have a post implanted in the 1st and 3rd position and then add a bridge of three crowns designed to cover the area. The posts will secure all three teeth together in the forward and back positions. This can be a great solution for those that have lost several teeth due to accident or disease.

Mini Implants

This is an affordable way to make your existing dentures much more secure and comfortable. Small implants are attached to the jaw as well as your dentures so that they can be securely snapped together in place. You will still have the option of removing your dentures for comfort, cleaning or sleeping but will enjoy a much sturdier and confident fit. You won’t have to worry about uncomfortable movement or the risk of your dentures falling out.

Full Restoration

If you need your entire mouth restored, your dentist can design a natural-looking and specifically designed denture that can be permanently implanted into your mouth. Upper and lower implants can be added to secure your dentures so they will act and feel just like your regular teeth. There is no need to fuss with cleaning or removal with a permanent implant and a full mouth restoration can give you back your smile with confidence.

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