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Which is More Safe – Ipill or Unwanted72?



Which is more safe – ipill or unwanted72?

In India, the growth of Emergency contraceptive pills has been booming in past few years. India is a growing economy where the population with the population is increasing at an exuberant rate. As such, the sector for birth control and family planning has been in the forefront to help people understand the importance of effective planning.

If a woman wants to avoid/delay her pregnancy or if she wishes to keep balanced a gap between her children, then she needs to have complete knowledge about the various safe and secure birth control methods that can help her achieve what she wants.

Unlike previous times where women either opted for abortion or tried some unsafe home remedies, the times have changed with the research and advancements in the medical industry. Today, there are a number of different options to avoid pregnancy.

These methods include various birth control tools, oral emergency contraceptive tablets as well as intrauterine contraceptive products.  But, out of these different birth control methods, emergency contraceptive pills are a better and more popular option in the contemporary fast paced life.

Emergency Contraception

Emergency contraception is a measure used for birth control after two individuals indulge in sexual intercourse in order to avoid or prevent pregnancy. These birth control pills are popularly termed as oral emergency contraceptives. In India, there the contraceptive market has competition and different brands have emerged in the recent years.

The variety of birth control contraceptive in India includes Saheli, Unwated 21 days, Unwanted 72, Yasmin, Centron, Bandhan, Ipill and more. Of these, Ipill and Unwanted 72 are used by many women especially in the urban areas due to easy availability and the brand recognition.

A female’s hormone has a major part to play in the ovulation process. Under this process the women’s ovaries releases eggs for fertilization with the male hormones.  The contraceptives available in the market contain a minimum quantity of progesterone and estrogen hormones. These are made in a synthetic form.

Progesterone and estrogen hormones play an important part in obstructing the functioning of the natural hormones released in a woman’s body. They effectively handle fertilization and implantation in females and thus prevent chances of pregnancy.

Since these contraceptives have been quiet helpful in avoiding unwanted pregnancies, they are used for birth control throughout the world. While in some countries they are available only after a prescription by the doctor, in others a person can avail it without any prescription.

When these Emergency contraceptives like Ipill or Unwanted 72 are consumed by the woman within 72 hours of unprotected sex, then the risks of unwanted pregnancy is reduced. However, if not taken within time as the effectiveness of these pills on the body reduces with time. If the an Ipill or a tablet of Unwanted 72 is consumed by the female partner within 24 hours of having unprotected sex, then is it known to be 95% effective to avoid pregnancy.

However, if it s consumed 25 to 48 hours, then the chances of avoiding regency diminishes to 85%. The effectiveness of the emergency contraceptive pills keep on decreasing as the delay in consumption is done. In India, emergency contraceptives are available at medical stores without any prescription from a medical practitioner.

In almost all of the emergency oral birth control contraceptives available, the main ingredient that is the game changer is Levonorgestrel. It operates in three ways to avoid the wanted pregnancy.

  • It stops the eggs (ovules) to be released by the ovary
  • It prevents fertilization process. That is, if the eggs are released by the ovary, then they are stooped from meeting the male sperms.
  • In case the egg has already fertilized, then it ceases the egg from binding to the lining of the woman’s womb

Most of the times, contraceptives are confused with abortion pills. However, both of these pills are different. Emergency contraceptives cannot be used for abortion as they will have no effect if the ovules have been already attached to the lining of the womb.  To put it simply, ECP’s cannot be used by already pregnant women for an abortion.

One of the major concerns when talking about intakes of Emergency contraceptive pills is the Safety. Though largely, they are safe and do not have adverse effects on the consumers body. They do have some small side effects depending on the person’s body and health. These side effects may be abdominal pain, headache, vomiting, nausea and more. It varies from woman to woman.

While some may face these side effects, others may not. But, it is often recommended to use any tablets with proper advice from a doctor as it is a matter of health.  If you are not sure how to choose a right doctor, you can follow these simple tips which will help you to choose a right doctor.

Also, constant and heavy usage may lead to long term effects, which is again subjective. Though an easy and convenient option, it should not be misused and replaced for condoms. However, the ultimate choice is yours, but make sure you carefully understand its usage, dosage and consequences to take considerable precautions.

Remember, it should be used in case of emergencies and not as a habit each time you indulge in unsafe sex with your partner.

The use of ECP’s when taken with proper care and caution can have many benefits in birth control and prevention of unwanted pregnancies

  • More or less they are Safe for intake. Though the consumer’s health should be taken into account before consumption to avoid risks.
  • It is Convenient to use and is easily available in India. You can just go to a chemist shop, buy an Ipill or Unwanted 72 packet and pop in the pill as per the instructions.
  • It has the capacity to regulate the woman’s menstrual cycle after consumption.
  • In most of the cases, an Ipill or an Unwanted 72 tablet has been effective to avoid undesired pregnancies.

Despite the advantages the following factors should be kept in mind before you decide to pop in an emergency contraceptive pill like an Ipill or Unwanted 72.

  • Know if you are lactating
  • Carefully Consider your Menstrual symptoms
  • Take note of your Cardiovascular health
  • Check for any chronic illnesses or diseases.
  • If you are using any other medicines, understand what effects it can have.

Ipill Vs Unwanted 72 – The Difference

  • Unwanted 72 – Unwanted 72 is a well-known and branded emergency contraceptive pill available in India. These are oral tablets that can be used to prevent an undesired pregnancy as. Unwanted 72 is manufactured and marketed by Mankind Pharma Ltd.

Unwanted 72 is comes in a suitable packaging in the form of 1 tablet per strip that is easily available at medical outlets across India. For best and most effective results, it is advised that Unwanted 72 is consumed without any delay after unsafe intercourse. Practically, it should be taken within 72 hours because it takes almost 72 hours after fertilization for a female’s body to start the pregnancy process.

Generally, Unwanted 72 pill is considered to be safe and more or less free from any sort of side effects after consumption. This is because, unlike other ECP’s, Unwanted 72 does not contain estrogen. Thus the Unwanted 72 pill does not result in gastrointestinal upsets as well as nausea.

Most females experience withdrawal bleeding after consumption approximately during their expected time of menstrual cycle. There are only a handful of cases where the bleeding occurs within 5 days. It is very rare that the menstruation is affected and might get delayed by around a week.

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Unwanted 72 is one single tablet of 1.5mg that needs to be consumed with 72 hours of having unprotected intercourse. Though effective it has several side effects that are mentioned below. But these side effects vary from person to person.  They do not cause any major harm to body and are not life threatening.

These include, fatigue, headache, tenderness of the breasts, bleeding of vagina, symptoms of flu, body ache, muscle cramps, joint pains, nasal congestion, gastrointestinal problems,  diarrhea, bloating, abdominal cramps, nausea as well as frequent vomiting.

  • Ipill- I-pill is also an emergency oral contraceptive tablet made by Piramal Healthcare. Every Ipill is made of 1.5 mg of Levonorgestrel. A singles strip of Ipill contains one tablet. Ipill is mainly targeted to females in the age group of 25 and 45. Ipill is a hormonal tablet and has proved to be quite successful in delaying ovulation and helps in prevention of the male hormones (sperms) to meet the female hormones (eggs) for fertilization.

It is advised that one tablet of Ipill must be consumed with a full glass of water within 12 to 72 hours of the event being taken place. If taken within the mentioned number of hours, it is very effective to control female hormones and the pregnancy can be easily avoided without having to worry about other methods like abortion.

However, it is important to understand that ipill can merely avoid pregnancy and is not an abortion pill. So, if there is any delay in consuming the tablet and pregnancy has already occurred, then it will have no effect whatsoever.  Also, remember ipill must not be taken if a woman is already pregnant.

Furthermore, it should not be consumed more than once during periods. All this can lead to side effects and unwanted health problems. The pills un-administered usage and dosage can lead to menstrual as well as ovarian problems. Also, if you are a mother of an infant who still breastfeeds, then the pill should be taken only after proper recommendation from the doctor.

All in all, both the pills have their own pros and cons. Whichever tablet you choose, make sure you have taken significant precautions and are well-read about it. Ipill or Unwanted 72, both are Emergency contraceptive pills that should be used particularly during urgencies and not as a constant measure for avoiding pregnancies.