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How Can ICSI Support IVF?



How can icsi support ivf?

Whether you are just beginning to research IVF treatment or have been looking into the procedure for some time, you may be aware that there are certain treatments that can be utilised to assist IVF.

These can offer a second chance to some people for whom IVF treatment alone isn’t enough to help achieve pregnancy, and increase the chances of them being able to start, or extend a family.

If you have already experienced a failed IVF process or are aware of fertility issues such as low sperm motility that may make conceiving more difficult, then do not panic.

While this discovery may be initially upsetting, one treatment, which could be extremely useful to you, is ICSI. Read on to find out more about this process and how it could help you, below.

What are IVF and ICSI?

The classic IVF treatment, as you may already know, involves working through a process of preparing and retrieving a woman’s eggs from her ovaries, before fertilising them in a laboratory setting. This can involve using sperm from either her partner or a tested sperm donor.

Once an embryo has been created using this process, this is then placed back into the woman’s womb and let develop as it would in a natural full-term pregnancy.

The ICSI, or intracytoplasmic sperm injection is a treatment used alongside IVF, to improve the chances of fertilisation occurring.

Aside from the fertilisation process, the rest of the treatment is exactly the same.

During fertilisation using ICSI, rather than simply combining the eggs and semen and allowing them to fertilise naturally, a more direct approach is taken. With ICSI less is left to fate, as a single sperm is chosen and injected directly into the egg.

ICSI with IVF is one of the best choices that can be made by couples who are having problems with sperm quality or quantity, including poor sperm mobility, as it bypasses the need for sperm to make it’s own way to the egg. This is also often recommended if a previous IVF process has seen a failed fertilisation.

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What steps to take

Whether you have just had a diagnosis from a doctor about your infertility, are having difficulty conceiving or have already experienced a failed IVF treatment, the best thing to do is to make an appointment with your fertility consultant.

Your consultant, along with a counsellor for advice and support, will be able to offer you advice on the next step to take in your fertility journey. This may include your consultant pointing you in the right direction of ICSI if needed.

However, if it seems that ICSI isn’t the best option to help you achieve your pregnancy goals, there are other treatments which may be able to assist you. These include options such as IMSI with IVF.

Therefore, it is important not to lose hope, and arrange an appointment in a reliable fertility clinic today.

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