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5 Reasons To Smile More



5 reasons to smile more

Smiling is a wonderful thing. It shows both us and others that we are happy, and when it happens spontaneously, it’s an incredible feeling. Sometimes, though, we just don’t feel like smiling. We might feel down or disappointed, tired or stressed. However, it is during these times that smiling is most important. Even when we don’t feel like smiling at all, we really should, and here are the reasons why.

You Will Look Good

When you see someone smiling, they automatically look more attractive than when they look angry or unhappy. There is something about a smile that human beings are actively drawn to, so smiling will make you look good, even if you’re not feeling it yourself. Of course, some people choose not to smile much because they don’t like their teeth, and smiling wouldn’t make them look good (or feel good) at all, but visiting a dentist can solve all of those problems straight away. See more here about giving yourself an attractive smile.

You Will Be Happier

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As strange as this may sound, the more you smile, the happier you become, rather than the other way around. We are normally programmed to smile only when something is good, and during pleasant situations, and think of smiling as something involuntary. However, you can smile whenever you choose to, and if you smile even when you’re not feeling happy, you can actually ‘trick’ your brain into believing that you really are. That will push the brains to release endorphins into your body which lowers stress and boosts your mood. Therefore, a ‘fake’ smile will soon turn into a real one.

Your Immune System Will Be Stronger

When you smile, your body creates additional white blood cells, as a study found when counting the white blood cell count in patients who smiled more compared to those who smiled less. These cells work in your immune system, keeping you as safe as possible from disease and illness. Therefore, the more you smile, the more white blood cells you will have, and the healthier your immune system (and you) will be.

You Will Be Trusted

When you smile, you are much more likely to be trusted. This can be useful in life in general, and in your career, especially if you are in a management position where you need to have people listen to you on a daily basis and carry out your instructions. The more they trust you, the more they will do for you, or buy from you, or listen to you, and simply by smiling more you can gain that trust.

You Will Make A Good Impression

For some of us, socializing is a difficult thing to do. Social gatherings may mean that we end up standing in the corner of the room with no one to talk to and no idea of how to get a conversation started. By smiling at people, you will automatically make a good impression and become more approachable, and you will often find that people come to you and start a conversation themselves. This can be a great way to meet people, and to generally, have more fun.

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