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How Can You Alleviate a Migraine and Headaches Using Acupressure Points?



How can you alleviate a migraine and headaches using acupressure points?

Headaches can affect most people, the extreme pain can impact your quality of life and you tend to feel fatigued and even nauseous. While we find it easy to pop a pill to snub the pain, we should instead look for a holistic solution that will give you relief without any side effects.

You can try alternative therapies such as effective acupressure points to get rid of a migraine and headaches to give you lasting relief. So how is acupressure different from any conventional treatment?  In this treatment, you activate certain pressure points for headaches and channels and will activate the healing point in your body.

Acupressure and the Types of Headaches

Headaches are of different types, there is a tension headache, migraines, and cluster headaches and so on. Different headaches have different causes and symptoms. Whatever, may be the cause of your headache, stress, anxiety, depression and sleep problems you need to address the root cause and treat it accordingly.

Acupressure Points for Headache

If you are trying this form of treatment for the first time, do not pressurize the point for more than a few seconds. It is advisable to learn the techniques from a professional therapist and then try it on yourself. Not all pressure points are suitable for everyone. So, you need to exercise caution while trying out the pressure points on the head.

The Urinary Bladder Point UB10

Find this pint at the nape of your neck. This pressure point is especially suitable for someone who is suffering from an acute headache. Besides treating headaches, this point helps treat fatigue and also increases alertness.

The Gallbladder Point or GB20 Point

You can locate the gallbladder point or GB20 behind and on either side of the sternocleidomastoid muscle. This works great for treating migraines besides other types of headaches. The GB20 point can also offer solace in vision problems and blurriness, the kind you usually associate with headaches.

Locate the pressure point right behind your ear bone or mastoid process and follow your finger to the area where your neck muscles get attached to the skull at the back of your neck.

The Gallbladder Channel GB21

This GB 21 point is perfect for treating tension headaches. Find it on the midpoint between your spinal cord and your rotator cuff.  It provides relief from other problems such as stress, neck stiffness, and tension in the shoulder region.

The Large Intestine Pressure Point LI4

The LI4 also known as the large intestine pressure point can be found on your hand. This is a great point to treat stress-related headaches, particularly the ones that cause facial or neck pain. Locate the highest point of the area where you will find the muscle of the thumb and index finger connect, on the web separating them.

The Triple Energizer Point or TE3

The TE3 point is particularly effective in treating every day, regular headaches. Locate the point in the groove right behind your knuckles, separating the ring finger and little finger. You can also find the point and treat the pain in the upper back, neck, and shoulder pain region.

The BL2 Pressure Point

The BL2 is also used for treating headaches and those who use it to treat headaches vouch for the fact that it is great for sinus headaches. This pressure point is located at the point above the bridge of your nose, near the end of your eyebrows.

Governor Vessel or GV20

This point not only eases off your headaches, mild or otherwise, it can strengthen your back, helps you focus, and soothes your nerves that cause anxiety. Locate this point at the top of your head that starts from the front hairline to the midpoint of the head at the back.

The HN5 Point

Find the HN5 point near your temples and is especially suitable for cluster headaches.

While this is a great point for acupressure it may not prove to be as effective for acupuncture, in fact, done in the wrong way it can prove to be fatal.  Get this treated only by a qualified practitioner.

Joining the Valley or the L14 point

Not only is this point effective in treating headaches but it is also effective in treating shoulder pain, neck pain, toothache, constipation, arthritis, and hangovers. You will find this point located on the web or the fleshy area between your thumb and index finger.

Use the thumb and index finger of your right hand to apply firm pressure on this L 14 point of your left hand for at least 5 to 10 seconds. You can do the same on the other hand as well. Keep pressing the point till you get the desired results.

The Third Eye Point or the GV 24 Point

This acupressure point is great for eliminating all kinds of headaches. Find it right between your eyebrows, just the point where the bridge of the nose meets your forehead.  It fixes imbalance of the pituitary gland and has myriad therapeutic qualities such as treating indigestion, hay fever, insomnia, ulcer pain, fatigue, and eye strain. This point helps treat spiritual and emotional imbalances as well. This point is easy to locate, apply pressure on this point for one minute at least and then release the pressure. Repeat as many times as you can till you get relief.

Most headaches stem from underlying stress or any other disorder. It is important you handle the stress that keeps giving you recurring headaches.

Distance yourself from work once you complete it and indulge in some me-time, do what you like doing, relax, listen to music and give yourself the much-needed break, this provides relief to your eyes as well. Try these migraine relief pressure points and see if it works for you.

Remember whenever you try stimulating the acupressure points, relax, breathe normally, take a few deep breaths and then practice these acupressure points. Stimulate these points a few times a day and soon you will be able to get relief from annoying headaches.

Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons

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