5 Tips to Choose a Medical Tourism Facility

Medical tourism is a new way of doing tourism that is growing everyday. More and more people are doing medical tourism; the benefits are quite obvious, at the same time you are taking care of yourself (of your health) you are visiting a different country, a different culture.

Medical care will vary from country to country, for example, some countries are known for having an excellent medical care on a particular area; other countries are known for having supreme medical care (and outstanding results) in another area. People engage in medical tourism because they want outstanding results and they seek the finest medical care services. However, some persons just arrive to a medical facility and unfortunately it can’t meet their expectations. That is why you have to choose the medical tourism facility wisely.

  • 1 – International Standards

Both the American College of Surgeons and the American Medical Association have set strict criteria in the matter of medical tourism. If you want to select a medical tourism facility, it is advisable you select one that follows the international standards for medical tourism. The international standards are strict rules, guidelines and ethics all the hospitals of medical tourism must follow.

  • 2 –Worldwide Affiliation

The affiliations of a Hospital can tell a lot about it. Make sure that medical tourism hospital is affiliated with recognized and accredited entities (Harvard Medical School, Cleveland Clinic, John Hopkins, etc.) if that hospital has these type of associations that will be a plus.

  • 3 –Feedback

It is very, very important to check feedback from past users of the medical tourism facility where you want to do medical tourism. Make questions, check with past users, check successful treatments (but do not forget to check unsuccessful treatments as well). By doing this you will be capable of gaining a better insight about that medical tourism facility and you will also make sure you are not going to a hospital which do not follows your criteria.

  • 4 –Certification

If a hospital for medical tourism is not certificated by the Joint Commission International it means that if you decide to visit that hospital to perform some kind of treatment, the risk of seeing your high expectations dropping is very high. All the quality hospitals for medical tourism have to be certified by international organizations like the Joint Commission International.

  • 5 –Check the Health Care Professionals

It is not just about the facility, it is also about the professionals working on it.If you are a patient from America it is natural you want to be treated by health care professionals that can speak you language. You are going to other country to do medical tourism, you are going to a foreign hospital but this does not mean that you can’t be treated by professionals from America, UK or Canada. If you feel more comfortable with American professionals, you can easily check if that hospital has American health care professionals available to treat you.

By following these simple although effective tips you will make sure you choose the right medical tourism facility and that your high expectations will be met.

Daniel is passionate writer who loves to medical tourism and medical treatment related tips. He would like to invite you to find out more guides about medical treatment in Lithuania at www.medtrips.eu

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