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5 Interesting Facts about Hair Clippers



5 interesting facts about hair clippers

How much do you know about hair clippers? Can you distinguish between the various hair clippers in the market? Well, read on for the answers:

#1. Hair Clippers Can Either Be Manual or Electric

Long before the electric hair clippers were invented, the barbers were still in business. They used manual clippers to give incredible haircuts. They were invented by a Serbian barber in the 19th century and were mainly used in the army and by the police. The new recruits in the force needed a clean cut while the criminals had to be clean and uniform. In the 20th and early 21st century, the manual clippers were used by people from all walks of life. The process was slow, allowing the clients and the professionals to discuss different matters that affected the society such as the high prices of gas.

As the world moved faster, the manual hair clippers were replaced by the electric types. The new products are not only faster, but they also give the barbers at the hair clippers club a chance to show their prowess in the grooming circles. Some of the traditional barbers still prefer the manual clippers.

#2. There Are Different Hair Clippers for Varied Functions

The cost of producing hair prices has reduced significantly due to the technology evolution and its application in the industry. Mass production of goods has characterized the industries in the 21st century. The dealers have to find a way of selling the products in the highly competitive market. As such, they offer you a range of styles so that you are not limited. While some clippers have wide heads to allow you cut more hair at a time, others are designed for specific tasks such as balding and lining. They can also be designed for trimming nose hairs and beards.  Animal hair clippers are available as well.

#3. The Option of Either the Cordless or Corded Clippers is Available

Corded hair clippers must be plugged to the power supply as you cut the hair. It means that you will have consistent power throughout. However, the chances of being entangled in wires are high. You will also be required to find a place with a socket in your home. Cordless clippers, on the other hand, use a rechargeable battery. There are no limitations as to where and how you can do the cuts. The loss of power will not worry you if the battery power is good.

#4. The Speed and power of the Hair Clipper Depends On the Motor’s Design

Probably you have been wondering why some hair clippers do the job faster than others. Well, it will depend on the type of motor featured in the product. It can be rotary, pivot, or magnetic motor. The magnetic motors are found in cheap hair clippers and will allow you to engage in general hair cutting. A person who has medium hair texture will find them appropriate. They have a spring and an electromagnetic feature working together to vibrate the blade.

Pivot motor clippers are more powerful than the magnetic motor types. This is explained by the fact that they have two electromagnets. The spring is not incorporated in its design and as such, the number of blade strokes is increased. Professional hair stylists go for the clippers because they are assured that they can cut all types of hairs, from the thick, heavy to wet hairs. Interestingly, the speed is slower than that of the magnetic motor. However, the results achieved are desirable for perfectionists. The hair clippers require limited maintenance and are likely to feature adjustable blades.

The rotary motors are the most powerful clippers in the market. Their speed and power is remarkable. They are versatile in that they allow the professional stylists to engage in both heavy and light duty hair cutting. On the flip side, they tend to be more expensive and heavier.

#5. Putting Up with the Noise and Overheating of the Hair Clipper Is Unnecessary

It is factual that electronic hair clippers are noisy. You cannot go through the grooming process without a notice in your home. However, some are noisier than others. Quality products are likely to be less noisy. They will also not overheat even after hours of grooming.

And there you have it! The hair clippers are designed to meet the different needs and preferences of the consumers. Taking time to research and consult before making the purchases is hence critical.

Image Credits: Flickr

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