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What Are a Few of the Advantages of a Residential Drug Treatment Program?



What are a few of the advantages of a residential drug treatment program?

The details of how a drug treatment programs works is a mystery to all, but those that have tried a program or two over the years. Below is a close look at what a residential drug treatment program offers, which will allow you to decide if it is more advantageous for you or a loved one to try.

24/7 Professional Medical Experts and Medication Management

A great drug treatment center like Harmoney Ridge Recovery Center will provide qualified medical professionals and services on a 24/7 basis. In cases of a dual diagnosis of an existing mental illness and addiction, medication management is handled with discretion and as an effective method to get your condition stabilized. A residential treatment setting, in the beginning, is one that allows you to feel comfortable during what could be the toughest part of the treatment process.

Stress and Anxiety Reduction

Levels of stress and anxiety that are often considered normal to the outside world can prove difficult and a set-up for failure to someone trying to get free of an addiction. The ability to veer away from stressful circumstances in a residential treatment program will give you time to get stronger before tackling the stresses of life. It is your time to concentrate on healing and tackling the issues that brought about addiction. You can begin a daily exercise routine, join a yoga group, or practice relaxing meditation. You will have many opportunities to maintain lowered levels of stress and anxiety.

Health and Wellness Improvement

The use of an addictive substance offers a nasty side effect of stripping your body of essential vitamins and minerals. It can lead to malnutrition, muscle weakness, and increased immune system dysfunction. Healthy foods and snacks, combined with needed exercise will help bring strength back to your body. You need to feel healthy and strong to stay on the right track towards a full recovery from addiction. It is an empowering part of any residential treatment program.

Wide Selection of Therapies

Not every type of therapy works for every client. Beyond the standard individual and group therapy, you can choose from music, art, adventure, outdoor, bio-feedback, co-occurring disorders, trauma recovery, and cognitive behavioral therapy. A comprehensive treatment program is one that offers enough challenge and diversity to cover a wide base of needs. You will have the time and opportunity to envelope yourself in the care and support of many expert therapists that bring an endless amount of skill to the table.

Wholesome, Healthy Activities

Therapy and good nutrition are combined with healthy outdoor activities that provide the healing power of nature to take hold. Hikes, biking, kayaking, pool time, arcade/gaming, and fishing are the beginning list of wholesome activities you can partake in to relax, build friendships, and release stress in a healthy manner. It will begin to instill good habits to override less positive activities that helped lead you to your addiction.

Improved Family Relationships

Addiction can prove hardest on relationships with friends, family, and significant others/spouses. Time spent in residential drug rehab is the perfect time to promote healing for both sides. Your loved ones will feel a building confidence in your efforts to break an addiction by your commitment to the treatment program. You will learn ways to break down built-up barriers for lasting healing through therapy. It will be a healing experience for all positive members involved in your life.

Customized Treatment Approach

If you or a loved one has put off seeking treatment for a drug addiction, this could be the best time to give it a serious effort. Therapy and treatment methods have come a long way in recent years. Being able to customize your treatment program helps ensure the best path to success. No longer is there a cookie-cutter approach to such an important treatment goal. You can see positive results quickly.

The ability to function in the world effectively in an outpatient treatment program is not the best route for every addiction and personality type. A quality residential treatment program that provides a way to customize the approach is proven effective for many people, even those with long-term addictions.

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