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Is Bulletproof Coffee Really A Good Idea?



Is bulletproof coffee really a good idea?

Hang on before you gulp down your fat-laden coffee. The hype has made everyone believe BPC makes us lean and super tough buddy, a bulletproof human, almost invincible. But does BPC keep its promises so well?

For those who believe I’m talking about the bulletproof brand, let me tell you it is actually a special recipe, a sketchy idea panned out which has created a buzz. Not to mention if you would search the web to check its health benefits, you will be so impressed by this keto diet. The other bad side of bulletproof coffee should be heard and I’m gonna tell you why.

What Is A Bulletproof Coffee?

A bulletproof coffee is a coffee recipe which mainly contains well-brewed coffee, butter, and some MCT (Medium Chain Triglycerides). However, you can add some ingredients to spice it up. People have researched it and tried to make it healthier, for an instance, grass-fed butter is more helpful than the grain-fed butter.

It is a keto diet, a low-carb and high-fat diet to get a high energy punch in a drink with additional health benefits of coffee. A cup of bulletproof coffee has approximately 55 grams of fat and 468 calories. It looks frothy, tastes oily, and seems like a latte.

The recipe is quite simple, brewed coffee (of your choice), butter, and MCTs are blended well in the blender. As I said additional spices can make it tastier.

What’s Up With Adding Butter?

Why would someone add butter in their coffee? The main reason for adding some butter to it is to make it a keto diet. The butter gives you a tremendous amount of fat and energy while not consuming any sugar. The low-carb and a high-fat drink is supposed to replace your meal and to provide you the coffee health benefits simultaneously.

Like any other keto diet, this drink is supposed to be beneficial in terms of maintaining blood sugar, losing weight, developing a lean body etc. Moreover, this can reduce the effect of caffeine jitters and other overcaffeination problems. In a nutshell, it is a wholesome drink and an alternative to your keto meal to help you lose extra fat and get lean, and so-called ‘bulletproof’.

Bulletproof Coffee Is A Full Cup Of Fat!

Are you aware of fat types? Butter is a saturated fat and it is not healthy to consume in a large amount. This excessive-fat phobia is already in the picture and people are blindly following BPC considering it healthy.

Saturated fats are the culprit for increasing cholesterol levels which lead to chronic heart disease. Well, we all intake saturated fat from natural sources such as fatty beef, lamb, pork, poultry with skin, beef tallow, cheese, and other dairy products made from whole fat milk.

According to American Heart Association, our daily intake of saturated fat should be the way that only 5-6% of calories should come from it. To put this into perspective, if we are taking 2000 calorie per day, then only 120 calories from saturated fats is deemed as healthy.

Now what we are doing is, gulping down the whole cup of butter with 468 calories at a time! Do you realize the whole paradox of the ultimate intake of saturated fats?

Well, the recommended saturated fat intake varies from person to person and his physical activities. Though the problem is people are not aware of their total unsaturated fat intake and this bulletproof coffee turns out to be harmful to them in long run. And, by the way, fat is a fat and abundance of it won’t make you thin.

And, yeah, by the way, butter and high amounts of MCT oils are associated with gastrointestinal upset. So, brace yourself if you’ve thought to thrive on your bulletproof coffee! If you are not used to with MCTs then start with little amounts, that will work.

Bulletproof Coffee May Not Be What You Have Expected

People have gotten intimidated by the benefits of MCT oils and the truth is not what coffee snobs sing! Well, there is a lack of evidence that says MCT oils are responsible for quick weight loss The fact is still the same, MCTs are not a miracle and not gonna make you thin in the short period.

MCTs are different than saturated fats and have benefits over saturated fats too. The thing with MCTs is, the MCT bypasses the general procedure of the digestion and storing process of fats and goes directly into the liver to get burned up. This will aid in increasing metabolism and avoid storing fats.

Well, some recent research suggests, what we have been thinking is not the complete truth, there are side effects of MCTs and they are harmful! You may reconsider what those bulletproof coffee snobs have to say. Most studies suggest, MCTs don’t make you fully satisfied and you will crave you to take another meal which will again have some unsaturated fats and worsen the fat intake and ultimately weight loss.

It Can Distract You From Healthy Habits

You’re supposed to reduce your calorie intake and to have this drink as a wholesome meal! As they say, coffee should not be consumed on an empty stomach as caffeine present in it can produce adverse effects. Moreover, the MCT oils are not quite filler so you will crave for more food which will resist fat loss.

Let’s consider you’re so firm to stick to your bulletproof coffee and can fight back your cravings and skip your morning meal, then where is the whole logic of to be on a balanced diet to get healthier? Using bulletproof coffee as an alternative to your meal will unbalance your diet and you will not only skip your meal but also will skip essential nutrients!

My Final Words

What are your experiences with bulletproof coffee? Do you think it really lives up to its promises? Well, if you’re doing quite well with maintaining your balanced diet and the saturated fat intake then you’re a marvelous person and it will work for ya.

For people like me, who can’t control their cravings and can’t maintain the intake of saturated fats, I have something to say. Fats are good, but don’t go nuts! Know your sanity and stick to your perfectly brewed coffee using your Bunn machines unless you know how to deal with this fat-laden caffeine drink.

There are many ways you can enjoy your everyday coffee and to perform experiments with. A good coffee maker would be a nice investment for you to brew your coffee and try out different recipes, bulletproof coffee too if you haven’t yet. And if you ask me I’d not make it my habit as there is a lot available to research about BPC. Ps. I’m waiting for my favorite coffee brands like Bunn, Hamilton Beach, Cuisinart to introduce dedicated bulletproof coffee machines.

Let me know about your experiences in the comment section below.

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