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What Is Laser Gum Surgery?



Quickly becoming one of the more popular solutions in the cosmetic dentistry world, laser gum surgery is sweeping the nation even if it’s still just a bit under the radar. But just what is this procedure, how much does it cost, and what kind of results should you be able to expect reasonably? Hopefully this article will cover all of these areas in a more than satisfactory fashion.

This specific procedure is designed to restore damaged and unattractive gum lines to people, restoring a healthy and good looking smile almost instantly. One of the more overlooked areas when it comes to dental hygiene and cosmetics, your gum lines play a huge role in how the outside world perceives your smile to be – it’s not just about your teeth.

While there are a few products on the market that specifically cater to building up stable gum health, for the most part, this is an area skipped and overlooked by the population at large. This neglect, no matter how unintentional, leads to breakdown in appearance and health.

If this has begun to happen to you – don’t worry; there is a solution. Laser gum surgery is an effective and remarkably painless method for getting your old smile back. Using only precision tools in the hands of an experienced practitioner, your dental professional of choice is going to use a powerful laser to remove dead and diseased tissue while at the same time boosting and promoting healthy ones.

The procedure is relatively quick and effective, and the whole process takes place without the use of any sharp or edged tools and instruments causing any incisions – in fact, the beam of light that cuts the dead and dying tissue out also works to cauterize the wound instantly. Hence, there is no need for stitches or sutures of any kind. You also won’t have to worry about bleeding – the temperature seals the wound instantly.

Laser gum surgery results can be expected within 24 hours – an incredible feat when you consider that the average dental procedure usually calls for 2-4 weeks of recovery time. Ultimately approved by the FDA and used by dental professionals the world over, you would be hard-pressed to find a more attractive and practical solution (not to mention cost-effective) than laser gum surgery.

Certainly not for everyone, if you do wish to give your smile an upgrade – as well as boost the health of your mouth and body – then this is the type of procedure you can come to count on. Results will vary from case to case according to one’s personal needs, situation, and medical condition – but you should be able to expect above average results that give you back a perfect smile. Like any medical procedure, there is some risk involved, though it’s negligible. Even still, before committing to any laser gum surgery, you should do as much research as possible, ask all the questions you have in mind, and then choose your reputable dental professional only afterward.