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Why People Are Using the Bacopa Monnieri Herb as a Memory Aid



Why people are using the bacopa monnieri herb as a memory aid

Ayurveda is, to put it simply, the use of different herbs as a source of holistic medicine. Herbs are routinely used in this practice to enhance the body’s functions and create an all around better functioning self. It is a principle that has been used thousands of years, and there are many different herbs that can be used to enhance specific parts of the body.

One such body function that people are constantly striving to enhance is their memory. There are a lot of different herbs and substances that can be used to increase the function of your memory, but one of the best and most little-known ones is the bacopa monnieri herb. Bacopa monnieri is a highly effective supplement for increasing memory function, and is a commonly used herb as a part of Ayurveda.

Here is a little bit more about bacopa monnieri and its uses as a part of Ayurveda:

What is Bacopa Monnieri?

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Grown naturally in North and South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Southern India, the bacopa monnieri was first recognized for its medicinal qualities in India in the 6th century, being written about in ancient medical journals such the Charaka Samhita. Bacopa monnieri has since been used for a wide range of medicinal reasons, but most recently its properties for increasing memory, brain function, and reducing anxiety have been the primary reason that people use the herb medicinally.

The reason that it is so good at increasing memory and brain function is due to the fact that it is an adaptogen herb, which means that it is used for stabilizing physiological processes. This helps to sharpen one’s cognitive focus and increase memory retention. It is also an herb that is commonly used for stress relief and anxiety reduction.

How Does it Work?

The natural antioxidant effects in bacopa monnieri is what aids in the ability of the herb to promote and enhance neural communication. It is able to regulate in the release of neurotransmitters that are known to cause “brain fog” or cause focus to become less sharp. This sharpness is what helps to increase the memory retention and learning abilities, because it improves communication between the synapses of one’s brain, which is the process by which chemical or electric signals are sent from one neuron to the next.

This quickening of signals sent between synapses in the brain are what allows for better memory retention skills, because memories become clearer and more focused, allowing for better recall down the line. Aside from the obvious memory enhancing benefits of the herb, there have also been studies that show that bacopa monnieri can prevent dysfunction in one’s dopamine receptors, meaning that it can increase stability and happiness chemically in one’s brain.

Bacopa Monnieri and Memory Retention

While there are other benefits to using bacopa monnieri on a regular basis, one of the best reasons is definitely the qualities that it has to increase memory retention. In Ayurveda, bacopa monnieri is considered to be one of the best substances to use to improve memory.

This increase in memory retention is especially prominent in older adults, namely those that are living with a form of dementia. Studies have been done in older adults that selected bacopa monnieri as one of the preferred natural memory enhancers in older adults, and currently there are studies being done that can link bacopa monnieri with helping those who have Alzheimer’s.

It has also become a popular alternative to chemical ‘study drugs’ circulating universities and colleges, and students are increasingly under pressure to perform well in exams. Many students obtain bacopa monnieri supplements online to use while studying for important assignments.

The only major side effects identified of the regular use of bacopa monnieri have been mild intestinal distress and nausea.


Bacopa monnieri has been used for many different medical issues throughout the ages. It is a large part of Ayurvedic practices, and has been used for much more than just memory retention. There are a lot of sites, such as Neuro Hacks, that have a lot of great information on the extended list of usages for bacopa monnieri, but at the end of the day it is a great way to naturally boost memory retention.

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