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Gentle Exercises to Soothe Aching Joints



Gentle exercises to soothe aching joints

Many studies have concluded that regular exercise can ease aching joints. Joint pain can run the gamut from swelling and stiffness to fatigue. This can lead some people to lie down, or avoid exercise altogether, but it turns out that that is the opposite of what will ease the pain.

If you struggle with achy joints, below are some gentle exercises that may help bring you some relief.

Shoulder Rolls

For achy shoulders, try shoulder rolls. For this exercise, stand with arms close and straight down the sides of your body. Roll the shoulders forward at least ten times. Repeat this but roll the shoulders back ten times. Do at least three sets of ten each direction to start.

Side Bends

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This exercise will require the participant to stand with their feet shoulder width apart, tummy tucked, and knees slightly bent. Reach the right arm up, over the head and to the left. Now slide your left arm down the left leg to the knee. Make sure to allow the body to lean into this stretch. If any pain is being felt, the reach is too far. Hold the pose for ten seconds and then repeat on the other side.

Hip Swings

For stiff and achy hips, try hip swings. Stand behind and to the left of a sturdy object, preferably a chair. Bend the knees slightly and keep the hands on the chair, this is for support. Swing the left leg slowly forward and then back. While doing this keep the back straight and try not to make an arch in the spine. Repeat this sequence ten times and then move to the right side of the chair and do the exercise with the right leg.

Hip Rolls

Another good exercise for the hips is the hip roll. Lie flat on the ground with the knees straight and legs spread far apart. Roll the knees and feet toward each other, as if pigeon-toed. Then roll the knees and feet out. Repeat ten times.

Trunk Rotation

For this exercise lie flat on the back with knees bent. Rock both legs slowly to the left toward the ground, hold this for ten seconds. Slowly return the legs to the beginning position. Do the same movement to the right side. Repeat this sequence five times for each side, alternating between left and right.

Hamstring Stretch

This exercise requires a chair or bed to complete. Sit on the edge of one of these and straighten the left leg out in front of the body and rest the heel on a stool or the floor. Be sure to sit up straight and then bend forward gently from the hips until a gentle stretch is felt at the back of the left leg. Hold this for up to thirty seconds. Bring the leg back and sit up normally. Now repeat on the right side.

Quadriceps Stretch

For this exercise, lie on the floor on the right side of the body and reach for the heel. Grab the left heel with the left hand. If there is trouble reaching the heel, use a belt with loops or a towel. Pull the foot toward the buttocks until there is a feeling of a gentle stretch on the front of the thigh. Hold this for up to thirty seconds. Now roll to the left side of the body and repeat the sequence.

Another important point to remember with all of these exercises is to compliment them with quality joint supplements. Reading through a post by Joint Health Guide will help to point any consumer in the right direction towards finding the right supplements for specific needs.

Chair Yoga

This is known as the gentlest form of yoga and is really good for joints that are aching. These exercises can include anything from shoulder shrugs to arm raises to upper body twists. This type of yoga has been seen to reduce arthritis pain if practiced twice a week.


Pilates strengthens the whole body and involves quite a lot of stretching, body-weight exercises and core stability training. Like chair yoga, this exercise is low-impact and very effective because it is not hard on the joints, and has been seen to be beneficial in relieving joint pain.

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