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The Nightmare of Cluster Headaches and What to Do About it



The nightmare of cluster headaches and what to do about it

It can feel like you have been hit by a bullet. Many women compare it to the pain of giving birth. Cluster headaches are not something that can be taken lightly by anyone. They’ve even been given the harsh nickname “suicide headaches.” Fortunately, relief might be in sight. The research is beginning to suggest that pure oxygen may reduce the pain.

Jason Dartmouth had been suffering from these headaches as much as seven times a day. He explained, “It’s almost like your brain is getting stabbed.”

Jason went on to explain that he tried just about every medicine his doctor could find but relief just never came. That was until he started breathing pure oxygen. He went on to say, “Everything is getting better with this. The oxygen has been a miracle.”

Amelia Jamison had similar results. “The medicines all had nasty side effects, but with oxygen, I’ve been feeling better without the extra problems,” she explained.

Anyone that suffers from cluster headaches knows how it occurs in cycles of pain. They can come and go and last from days to months at a time. It can make even the simple things in life seem and possible for many people.

Sumatriptan is the usual drug provided to prevent cluster headaches. It’s an injection that has its own set of challenges for most people.

A University of California researcher, Dr. Peter Goadsby, and his team studied 76 sufferers in London for 5 years.

The group of patients was split into two trial periods including treatment with air and oxygen.

Dr. Goadsby suggested that the difference between oxygen and air for treating cluster headaches seemed impressive. This random and placebo-controlled study is making oxygen look like one of the best possible solutions for a cluster headache.

Significant doses of high flow oxygen were shown to have the most effective therapeutic qualities for their patients in this study.

The doctor continued to explain that nearly 80% of the attacks were improved with the use of oxygen compared to only 20% of those on the placebo. That means that oxygen has a clear advantage.

Dr. Joel Saper, who founded the Michigan Headache and Neurological Institute suggests that oxygen might be an excellent alternative for people taking medications. He went on to say, when people get too anxious to treat their problems with drugs, it can lead to problems.

Many of the symptoms associated with cluster headaches went away with the treatment of oxygen therapy including the pain, and red eyes.

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