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Struggling with Acid Reflux? Five Easy Ways to Reduce Your Discomfort



Struggling with acid reflux? five easy ways to reduce your discomfort

Let’s face it: reflux can be painful. If you’re one of the millions of people suffering from LPR (or laryngopharyngeal reflux), you know that it’s uncomfortable and that it can interrupt life.

A surgery is possible, depending on the gravity of the condition. If you have reflux or someone you love does, education about the causes and treatment of LPR (laryngopharyngeal reflux) is always beneficial. It’s understandable when people with reflux choose not to have surgery, as medical procedures are very invasive. Still, it’s important to learn to ease the discomfort.

If you’re one to stay away from the doctor’s office, we have five recommendations for you to reduce your reflux woes.

  1. Drink Water. The magical drink will never cease to amaze. Drinking water soothes the feeling of burn and it does wonders for calming down reflux. There’s been a shift in mentality the past few decades and water has made a comeback. As we learn more about the effect of sugary drinks, carbonated drinks and even juice, water is still number one for medical relief, quenching thirst and it has many other side benefits we can’t even begin to mention here. When the acid comes up, calm it down with water.
  2. Drink Tea. If you would prefer not to drink water, we recommend having a little tea. A decaf, herbal tea is preferable as they often have other healing qualities – peppermint tea is great for the gut. Avoid the sugar and let it cool off just a bit. Let it down slowly so that it can coat your throat and get the job done. It may take a few minutes to take effect, but you’ll feel better in no time.
  3. Drink Milk. Nowadays, the power of milk is debatable by many. Yet, a benefit can still be found in its neutralizing power for reflux. If you’re a milk drinker, we recommend having it at hand when reflux occurs. If you’re lactose intolerant, a milk alternative such as almond milk can be just as soothing and neutralizing. If you’re not a milk drinker at all, that’s OK. Refer to the choices above for helping ease the discomfort of reflux. It doesn’t have to be milk and, as stated above, water is more than fine.
  4. Avoid Alcohol. Alcohol beverages are known to flare up reflux, especially if your reflux is more severe than most. While you may think that just one drink won’t hurt, you probably know better by now. In social situations, we recommend going for water with cucumber, if available. Avoid the lemon as citrus fruits don’t necessarily help when reflux flares up. While not enjoying a drink with friends seems like no fun, just thinking about the discomfort that drink will bring can be enough to stir clear from it.
  5. Avoid Carbonation. The bubbles don’t help reflux in any way. In fact, they can even help reflux flare up! If it’s a habit to drink carbonated beverages, we recommend letting go slowly until your need to have them ceases. If you’re avoiding alcohol and want a disguise, having that coke in a cocktail glass won’t do. We know carrying around the occasional soda water and lime will get you off the hook with your friends, but won’t help later when reflux flairs up. Avoid carbonation altogether and your stomach will thank you later.

At the end of the day, we always recommend seeing your medical professional for help. They know you and know what to recommend for your condition. The severity of the issue may need more advanced treatment. However, if you find reflux flaring up, the options above will give you a bit of sweet relief for a short period of time.

One last thing: If you find that avoiding any of the suggestions above helps you stop your reflux, keep track! The more you know what your body wants (or doesn’t), the better you’ll be able to tackle this condition.

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