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The Impact of Pole Dancing On Your Health



The impact of pole dancing on your health

For those who are looking for a great way to get in shape as well as make some lasting friendships, pole dancing may be the workout you’ve been craving. With the proper teacher, along with some of the best wrist support, you’ll be able to safely and confidently enjoy the many benefits of this sport. That being said, it can be hard to know whether this type of dancing is for you. In general, if you’ve tried other workouts and found yourself getting bored and unmotivated, it’s time for a change!

For those who are interested in getting started, we’ve collected a list of the most impactful changes you’ll see once you start in this amazing sport.

Physical Impacts

When most people look into pole dancing, they see the physical benefits first. It’s hard not to! However, this can be a double-edged sword for newcomers. Often, people will get intimidated and believe they need to be much fitter than they are. Try not to get caught up in this way of thinking! From the absolute beginner to the seasoned veteran, pole dancing is an amazing workout and can transform your body in a short period of time.

Specifically, pole dancing is great for targeting your core. You can do hundreds of sit-ups and crunches in an ab class at the gym, but pole dancing can give you that highly-desired six-pack in a fun-filled way. In addition, the cardio workout you will experience when dancing rivals that of high-impact sports such as running. It’s this unique combination of strength training and cardio exercise that makes pole dancing such a life changer. For those looking to lose a few extra pounds and tone up their entire body, pole dancing is second to none.

Mental Impacts

There’s no question that pole dancing is an amazing physical workout, but it’s important to note that pole dancing can also do wonders for your mental health. While studies have shown that exercise can relieve depression and anxiety, pole dancing, in particular, can change your life. You might be intimidated by the idea of class-based workouts, pole dancing classes tend to be incredibly fun and easy going. When getting a great workout, you’ll also be forming life-long bonds with the women you’re dancing with, having more fun than you’ve had in years while you dance.

Simply put, pole dancing is fun! When you combine great music, great friends, and a great workout, it’s hard not to enjoy yourself, and that regular dose of fun will change your life.

Exercise doesn’t have to be hard. All you have to do is make sure you pick the right kind of exercise. For those who have tried and failed other workout plans, pole dancing may be something to consider. Giving you a great physical and mental workout, dancing may be the workout you’ve been missing in your life. Our advice? Try a class or two at your local studio and experience the fun for yourself!

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