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Caring for the Sick and Elderly



Whether you are a medical professional, a carer, a parent, or a family member, it can be incredibly taxing and hard work to look after someone who is poorly or very frail.

Many family members choose to become carers, but as a parent, you are already your child’s carer; it’s taking steps in the right direction to ensure they come out healthy and active.

Medical Intervention

Unfortunately, in everyone’s lives, there is a time you need medical intervention. You may have a baby that is allergic to a host of foods including milk, you may have a sick parent or family member battling cancer or you may have elderly parents who are intent on keeping their independence.

Whatever the reason, medical assistance is often the only way to ensure they live a long and healthy life. Those that are sick are not always able to eat the right diet; often, they are unable to keep their meals down. This means their body is not getting the nutrients and minerals it needs, and without these, the immune system is severely affected; the last thing you want when you are already so poorly.

Many doctors will suggest advanced medical nutrition. A drinking formula which will give all the nutrients and vitamins the body needs to help the immune system and help them heal and remain healthy.

What is Advanced Medical Nutrition?

As you can well imagine, as you age or when you are sick, your body doesn’t work as it should. Your body needs certain minerals and nutrients to help it stay healthy, and when you are sick, these vitamins and minerals help you heal yourself. Without being able to absorb these, the body starts to falter. This can lead to a host of problems, including anemia and a weak immune system.

Advanced medical nutrition is a supplement prescribed by a medical professional, which will help the person get all that their body needs to heal and get healthy again.

When to Ask?

If you have a young baby that cannot keep breast milk down, or you have a sibling going through chemotherapy that cannot eat, or an elderly parent who doesn’t taste as they should, you know it’s time to seek help.

Asking a doctor’s advice is not something you should be embarrassed about; we all want what is best for our family. If getting the right medical assessment and guidance means that we are doing just that, then it’s a good time to ask. Often the doctor will perform some tests; these are often blood tests to ensure that the person has enough vitamins in their blood. This may include iron tests or allergy testing if your baby doesn’t keep anything down.

Remember when dealing with a young child who cannot keep their milk down, the most dangerous thing you may face is dehydration, so don’t waste time and get to the doctor as quickly as possible.

If your doctor does prescribe advanced medical nutrition, you must follow their guidelines to the letter. This way you know that your family member is being cared for from the inside, fighting off any problems and building a healthy immune system. Making them a healthier and happier person overall.

Will Everyone Be Prescribed This Nutritional Supplement?

Depending on the person who needs assistance and what is wrong with them will determine whether they are prescribed advanced medical nutrition. Don’t worry; you can often purchase it online and have it delivered to your door with ease. It comes in a drink form as either a milkshake, yogurt, or fruit juice, so it can be consumed quickly, especially if the person is unable to eat solids.

If you have prescribed advanced medical nutrition, then it’s worthwhile looking online if you can buy it there; otherwise, your doctor will tell you where to purchase it. These supplements will offer you or your family member all the body needs to remain healthy.