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5 Medical Advancements to Expect in the Future



5 medical advancements to expect in the future

Modern technologies and advanced research is making the impossible finally possible. The problems blighting people’s lives across the globe may one day become a thing of the past, or at least more manageable. Read about the five medical advancements to expect in the future.

  1. Pig-to-Human Organ Transplants

Patients across the world depend on organ transplants to live a full and long life. Yet, many are stuck on a waiting list for a lifesaving organ. However, pig-to-human organ transplants could one day transform modern medicine. While it is a while away from a technological breakthrough, Smithfield Food, a large pork processor, is working with medical companies who are interested in pig parts, so they can potentially supply organs for transplants in the future, which could save millions of lives across the globe.

  1. Portable Diagnostic Devices

Unfortunately, many forward-thinking healthcare technologies are only accessible at a medical facility. However, the advancement of technologies may soon allow patients to gain access to innovative ECG devices and portable ultrasounds within the own homes. As a result, they may one day be able to analyze their heart’s physiology with the assistance of smart algorithms, or a flight attendant could perform an ECG on a plane if someone displays symptoms of a heart attack.

  1. Simplified Medical Procedures

Precision is essential when performing a medical procedure on a patient. Thankfully, modern technologies are simplifying complex healthcare procedures, which can avoid risk and improve a surgeon’s accuracy. For example, Vein Viewer is a new technology that allows medical practitioners to view veins through the skin, making it easier to view the inner workings of a person’s body and perform a procedure with ease.

  1. Artificial Pancreas for Diabetes Patients

The 30 million diabetics across the United States will be happy to learn a new FDA-approved artificial pancreas has hit the market for the first time, which is no bigger than the size of a cellphone. This advanced device will allow patients to take greater control of their insulin levels, as it will provide more frequent testing and will deliver more accurate insulin doses. This will not only improve the health of millions of people, but it will also remove some of the financial strain from the healthcare system. A pre-selected pool of Type-1 patients have fortunately been chosen for an artificial pancreas, but the device may become more widely available in the future. So, if you are living with diabetes, you could one day say goodbye to complex monitoring and insulin injections.

  1. Stem Cells to Fight Heart Disease

The FDA has recently approved studies to test whether adult stem cells from bone marrow can prevent heart disease. The patient’s stem cells will be injected into their clogged arteries, which scientists believe could create new vessels that will grow and will increase the flow of blood to their heart. If the study is successful, the injection of stem cells could prevent heart attacks and combat life-threatening heart disease so that patients can live longer, healthier lives.