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Top Twelve Most Unusual Accidents by Athletes



Accidents happen to everyone at some point in their lives, whether they are silly accidents are injury-related accidents, and I’m sure there are plenty of stories you could share about yourself or people you know. There are those accidents where you can claim compensation and visit websites to see what you are entitled to, and then there are some accidents that are just laughable. Here are the top 12 most unusual accidents by athletes that have resulted in injuries.

12. Bill Gramatica

During a game against the New York Giants in 2001, Gramatica was celebrating a 42-yard field goal when he jumped and tore his ACL.

11. Jose Theodore

In 2006, Jose Theodore strained his Achilles tendon when he slipped on ice during the winter outside of his home shortly after being transferred to the Colorado Avalanche ice hockey team.

10. Santiago Canizares

The Valencia goalkeeper missed the Korean and Japanese world cup in 2002 due to an injury to his foot. He dropped a bottle of aftershave on his foot while he was in the shower, and a shard of glass cut a ligament.

9. Joel Zumaya

In 2006, Zumaya sprained his wrist while playing Guitar Hero on the PS2. This caused the Detroit Tigers player to miss three games of the 2006 American League Championship Series (ALCS).

8. Marty Cordova

Cordova fell asleep on a tanning bed in 2002; this caused him to have a horrible sunburn and was ordered to stay out of direct sunlight until he recovered from it. This meant that he had to miss quite a few day games while he was at the Baltimore Orioles.

7. Lionel Simmons

The Sacramento Kings basketball player got from playing too much GameBoy.

6. Brian Griese

The American Football player sprained his ankle after tripping over his dog and falling down a flight of stairs in his home.

5. Sammy Sosa

During Sammy Sosa’s time at the Chicago Cubs, he suffered severe back pain and was diagnosed with back spasms following a violent sneeze while talking to reporters before a game.

4. Robby Ginepri

While riding his bike in 2010, a squirrel ran into the path of Ginepri, which caused him to swerve. This left Robby Ginepri with a broken forearm.

3. Svein Grondalen

The Norwegian footballer missed a world cup qualification match in 1973 after colliding with a moose when he went running through a forest.

2. Alex Stepney

During his time at Manchester United as a goalkeeper, Stepney managed to dislocate his jaw from shouting too much at the defenders on the team.

1. Paulo Diogo

In 2004, the Servette FC footballer experienced the most memorable event in his career. Diogo had set up a goal, and as a way of celebration, he decided to jump over the fence that separated the pitch from the crowd, and while doing so, his wedding ring got caught on the wall and tore much of his finger off. To add to this, he was also given a yellow card for time-wasting due to his celebrations.

These are some of the most bizarre injuries that have happened to athletes; they are not the common injuries that you would expect. Some of them are laughable, but some also utterly cringe-worthy!