Hairstyles To Avoid For Women

The world of fashion, particularly from a female perspective, is a simply huge industry and certain trends gain immense popularity. On the other side of this, there are an equally high number of styles and looks that gain notoriety or quite simply derision. Hair can often play a big part in fashion and for women it is an area where a faux pas can swiftly lead to a lot of attention.

Too much product

Just as it is all too easy to wear too much make-up the same rules apply for hair product. The risk of flattening your hair is something that means you should tread very carefully in this instance.

Growing over the eyes

There have been many hairstyles and fashions that have been far from easy on the eye for a multitude of reasons. However, allowing your own hair to trouble you by growing over your eyes is certainly unnecessary so make sure that your bangs are not heading out of control.

Two in one

Choosing to combine two vastly different hairstyles in one is always likely to give you outlandish results so if you are bringing together a mix of looks then make sure that they are not of the typical chalk and cheese variety.

Overboard with the accessories

You can spoil many styles by using too many accessories in your hair and this sentiment is also true of ones that are too big. When used subtly you can add a new dimension to the look with a hair accessory but it can just as easily take over and leave people distracted from your sleek hairstyle by half a plant sitting on top of it, so use those flowers sparingly.

Hugely contrasting extensions

Extensions have been an extremely useful and popular addition to hairdressing but if you want to add them to your hair to finish the look then make sure that they blend in. Having extensions that are the total opposite to the rest of your hair in style and colour will only serve to make it all look disjointed and wholly unnatural.

Up and down

It is clear that bringing the opposite ends of a spectrum together in one hairstyle is risky business and this general tip extends to the ‘up and down’ look. If you want to mix the two then try to avoid supplementing the curls for example with a very stark up-style.

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