Workout For Beginners

Ever wonder how some guys and women get ripped abs and well defined muscles?

How you always go to the gym spending hours doing exercises, sweating like mad and not seeing any solid results?

In this Workout for Beginners we will show you how to spend less time in the gym and get the defined muscles you really want.

It is a wide spread myth that spending many hours in the gym will give quick results, this is not true. In order to get ‘ripped’ you must workout smarter and not harder.

Did you ever see that ripped guy that comes in the gym does a few reps and then leaves? Yet you spend 2-3 hours in the gym and you’re nowhere near as ripped.

The secret is so simple that you won’t believe it. There are two parts to this secret first is the diet and the second is the training.

I’ll start with the diet first.

1. In order for you to get well defined muscles you must burn fat. It is that simple. However you must know how. The key is to lay off carbohydrates for the first 12 days of your workout program. Don’t eat anything that has carbohydrates in it, this include; bread, fruit, potatoes etc. You can look up a Carbohydrate Diet online that you can follow.

There are many there that will suit anyone. Eat meats. Protein is what you will need to replace the carbohydrates. Eat high fat foods such as fried bacon. Some people believe that fat is bad for you, however fat is easier to burn than carbohydrates, so eating fat foods will help you develop that body.

I will know give you the workout secret.

2. Do not train for more than 20 MINUTES. This may be hard to believe, but it’s a proven method that many private instructors use to get results for their clients.

The main reason why you only train for a few minutes is because this is when your body builds muscle tissue. You work out your muscles. Your muscles need fuel and they burn the fat. Fat is fuel.

Why not workout for more than 20 minutes?

After 20 minutes your body begins to burn your muscle tissue. Our body is a wonderful machine that will use any fuel it has in order to function. In the initial 20 minutes of the workout your body builds muscle tissue. After the 20 minutes the body starts burning that tissue and you’re left with nothing.

For the first 12 days I recommend you follow this workout programme and visit for workout routines to use in the gym. You will find many tips that will help you with losing weight and gaining muscles quick.

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