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8 Wacky Gadgets For Your Kitchen!



Who says that cooking is boring? Jazz up your kitchen with eight of the wackiest gadgets on the market. These kitchen helpers are perfect for the chef that doesn’t take themselves seriously. Novelty factor aside, they do make working in the kitchen a lot easier; after a while, you’ll wonder how you ever cooked without these funky additions to your kitchen cupboards.

1.       Throwing Knife Block

Not literally, we promise. The throwing knife block is a knife holder designed with a red man strapped to the front for that circus life feel. It’s all in the aesthetics – not a block for you to throw knives at.

2.       Egg Separator

This egg separator gives us mixed feelings. You place your eggs into the head of a man; the egg whites run out of his nostrils, and it looks like snot. Disgusting or genius? You decide. Either way, it’s an efficient way of separating your egg whites that means you are less likely to get bits of eggshell in your baking.

3.       Pacman Oven Mitts

For all those gamer geeks out there, Pacman oven mitts have just made cooking amazing. These mitts are specially designed so you won’t burn your hands and make a fantastic accessory for ovens. We know that it’s not going to be Pacman who eats all the cookies, but it’s great to have him on board.

4.       Vino Vault

Know a couple of winos? Make them work for their wine with vino vault. The vino vault encases your bottle of wine in a cryptic puzzle. Program your code and watch your guests scratch their heads. Don’t forget the answer whatever you do, or you might have a dining room revolt on your hands.

5.       Star Trek Cookie Cutters

What Star Trek fan wouldn’t love Star Trek cookie cutters? Hold Star Trek themed dinner parties with out-of-this-world biscuit baking. The set includes the symbols of the Federation and Klingon Empire, the U.S.S. Enterprise, a phaser, and a Live Long and Prosper hand. Just don’t wear anything red in the kitchen.

6.       Kizmos Flower Pot Tool Set

If you’re a keen gardener, likely, you’ve already brought half of your flower beds into the kitchen anyway. What is the kitchen anyway if it isn’t just an extension of your garden? Go one step further with this set of flower designed turners, slotted spoons, ladles, and mashers in a ceramic vase. Unlike real bouquets, these cooking utensils won’t wilt, and they are dishwasher safe!

 7.       Egg Cuber

A what now? Yes! An egg cuber. Just what you’ve always wanted. This kitchen gadget is there to provide that novelty factor of having sliceable eggs in the shape of a cube. On a practical level, they are great for snuggling into lunchboxes. The best bit is serving them up to your friends for the look on their faces.

8.       Talking Measuring Cup

Pouring liquids into a measuring cup can be a bit of a balancing act, as you squint at the lines on the jug. This measuring cup verbally announces the measurements as you pour. Sometimes we start to wonder if we’ve accidentally stepped on to the set of a sci-fi film…