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Why Do Women Love Jewellery?



Isn’t jewelry fantastic?  What else can instantly transform an outfit from casual to chic or from formal to flirty so quickly and easily?  Women love jewellery and shoes because you can never have a ‘fat day’ with either of them: they will always fit the same and can even take draw attention away from our cuddly bits.

Yes, women’s jewelry is something that most of us enjoy buying or being bought, and most of us have a stash of costume jewelry for work or casual days out, and another stash of more formal, designer women’s jewelry for special occasions.

Right, much of the costume jewelry can only be worn once it has been untangled from its friends, which can take some doing.

But the choice of designs is pretty much endless.  Silver, gold, white gold, platinum, cord, beads, precious stones, semi-precious stones, and enamel can all adorn our necks, ears, fingers, wrists, and even toes if we want it to.  We can choose chunky, bold jewelry or delicate filigree jewelry depending on our mood, our outfit, and the occasion.

There are traditional designs to choose from, such as diamond earrings or single pendant necklaces, or more modern designs.  Charm bracelets are very much in at the moment, as are multi-row cord and chain necklaces or necklaces that you can add charms to.  On-trend at the moment are necklaces that have delicate chains but with eye-catching detail or striking pendant.  Similarly, while charm bracelets are definitely in vogue just now, there is an array of bracelets available in different materials and styles (with some witty combinations of cord and silver, for example) for you to choose from.

Some pieces of jewelry are timeless, and you can wear them for the rest of your life; others are somewhat more subject to the winds of change, the ebb and flow of fashion.  For the latter, you can either have a good clear out every couple of years or so, give unwanted pieces to charity or sell them, and buy a new stock of up-to-date women’s jewelry designs.  If you’re going to buy a new stock, choose your items carefully, selecting colors that will coordinate with the sorts of colors you have in your wardrobe to extend their life considerably.

Finally, take care of your jewelry – the bits of tangled metals at the bottom of your jewelry box would have looked far better if you’d kept them in good order, hung up separately and cleaned regularly