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The Truth About Steroids



If there’s one part of bodybuilding that is frequently misunderstood, its steroids, the media loves to sensationalize steroid use, and there are a lot of misconceptions being perpetuated by the media, and by people that unwittingly pass on the ideas they’ve picked up.

Some of those misconceptions include:

1. Steroids Cause Roid Rage

Roid rage is something that almost every bodybuilding or sport-related crime is blamed on, and something that people love to comment on whenever someone with a lot of lean muscle is in a bad mood.  Roid rage is mostly a myth. Someone who is taking a drug containing a lot of testosterone, and that has been on their cycle for a long time can sometimes experience roid rage, but it’s less likely than the media would have you believe.

2. Steroids Cause Suicide, Depression and Sexual Problems

The hormonal imbalance caused by taking steroids for a long time can cause problems, and long term steroid usage can cause problems with your sex drive, but those problems are mostly reversible.  Taking steroids is not something you should do without medical supervision, but if you do have that medical supervision, then you can take them safely.

3. Steroids Will Make You Look Like A Bodybuilder With No Effort

Many people, especially ones that have been training in the gym off and on, but haven’t seen any gains, will say that someone “must be using” if they train for a while and start to show tone and shape.  The truth is that steroid use is not a shortcut to gaining lean muscle mass.  If your diet is not good, or your training program lacks consistency and intensity, then steroids won’t help you.

4. Steroids are bad for your liver

Steroids are a drug, and that means that they can harm your liver; however, alcohol and many prescription drugs can be just as damaging.  Steroids, at least the ones taken by bodybuilders, are usually injected, not taken orally.  Injectable steroids are the safest ones for your liver.

5. It’s Easy to Spot a Steroid User

If you’ve never taken steroids yourself, and don’t know anyone else that is using them, it can be hard to tell whether someone is taking steroids, or whether they got their figure thanks to hard work and a good diet.  Steroid usage does not automatically make you look like Jay Cutler, and it does not change the way that you behave.  Low doses of steroids on a short cycle do not produce other obvious effects such as gyno, hair loss, or other supposedly obvious “telltale” signs.

Steroid use is a complex topic.  More people take steroids than you might think, and many of those people are not huge, ripped, or shredded.  Taking steroids is not something that you should do without careful, qualified medical guidance, and it’s not something you should do as a shortcut to a sound body.  You should not even consider steroids until you are sure that you have reached the limit of your genetic potential.