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Conditions You Can Treat With Cupping Therapy



Conditions you can treat with cupping therapy

If you are like most people, you probably think cupping therapy is a new phenomenon. The truth is that cupping has been used by practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years.

Generally, the cups used during this type of therapy are made of things like glass, earthenware or even bamboo. If you are trying to learn more about cupping therapy, scheduling a consultation with a knowledgeable professional is essential. They will be able to answer any questions you may have about this process.

The following are some of the conditions that can be treated with the use of cupping therapy.

Great For Pain Relief

One of the main reasons people use cupping is to get rid of pain. A number of clinical trials showed that cupping provided relief to people dealing with cancer pain.

This technique is used to specifically target soft tissues that are swollen or stiff. Cupping helps to increase the blood flow to these tissues, which in turn provides it with more oxygen and nutrients. Many practitioners will use cupping along with heat to help a person who is experiencing severe neck and back pains.

Helps to Relieve Cold and Cough Symptoms

Do you have a hard time making it through the spring and summer months without severe sinus issues? Having these problems can be downright miserable, which is why finding an effective treatment is vital.

With cupping therapy, you can stimulate your lungs and remove the phlegm that causes you to cough. Having this type of treatment performed is a great way to speed up the cold and cough recovery process. You can also boost your immune system with this treatment because it will move lymphatic fluid and blood throughout your body.

Cupping Promotes Relaxation

Are you dealing with a lot of stress and just can’t seem to relax? A good cupping therapy session can leave you feeling relaxed and calm. Many people who have these treatments regularly equate them to a deep tissue massage. When done the right way, cupping will remove the pressure and tension in your muscles.

Instead of letting the rat race of life get you down, investing in these types of treatments on a regular basis is a great idea. Before choosing a professional to perform these treatments, be sure to go in for a few consultations.

Healing Injuries in a Hurry

When trying to heal quickly from an injury, using cupping is essential. Most people fail to realize that letting a muscle injury stay inflamed is the best way to increase the speed of healing.

When a muscle is inflamed, it will be provided with more blood and nutrients. Cupping draws blood to the affected area, which helps in the creation of new blood vessels.

Conditions you can treat with cupping therapy

Dealing With Skin Conditions

When dealing with skin conditions like eczema and acne, using cupping therapy is a great option. Treating acne with cupping is very effective. During these treatments, the affected area is suctioned and in some cases nicked to stop the breakout.

Some people use cupping to get rid of cellulite on their body. Specialized oils are generally used during this cupping treatment to heal the skin and remove these imperfections.

While it may take a few treatments to see results from cupping therapy, it is worth the time and money you invest. With the help and guidance of a cupping professional, you can get the relief you are after.