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4 Reasons to Be Fit – For Your Kids!



4 reasons to be fit – for your kids!

Regular physical exercise is one of the best methods to achieve an improved overall body health. Physical activity requires some effort, but the benefits outweigh the risks. Whether it’s jogging, running, weightlifting, or visiting the gym the exercise will improve your productivity and your mood. Most of the physical activities add fun. Here are four reasons to stay fit for your kids through daily practices.

Longer Life Span

According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, when you stay fit through regular physical exercises, you have 40 percent lower risk of early death. Remaining fit also reduces many dangerous diseases. You can lose weight through a 21-day fix workout plan where you can get to achieve a better shape and looks and fit in your clothing better making your children even more proud of you. Virat Kohli, the Indian cricket team’s captain, advises that to keep fit, you have to change your training methods and eating habits.

By staying fit and active, you get to enjoy serving your kids. If you maintain a healthy lifestyle and exercise regularly, your body is more equipped to heal faster after an injury. Physical fitness increases muscle tissue and white blood cells thereby reducing inflammations from injuries. Staying fit also saves medical costs associated with heart-related illness. This money can be used to improve the quality of your life and that of your kids.

Improved Immune System and Lower Risk to Illnesses

Heart-related diseases are a common cause of death in the world today. With regular workout, you enhance the functionality of the heart and lungs. Exercises reduce cholesterol in the body and strengthen your heart enabling it to pump blood around the body at a faster rate. According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), people who involve in regular training have a low risk of stroke, high blood pressure, heart attack, hypertension, among other heart diseases.

Better blood circulation improves skin tone. High intensity and longer duration of exercise help reduce the risk of cancer such cancer of lungs. If you are fit and maintain a healthy lifestyle, you have a lower chance of contracting diseases such as diabetes, cancer, and other occasional illnesses. If you stay fit, you get to have lots of time for fun and play with your kids without running out of breath.

Better Moods and Reduced Stress

Physical fitness improves both the physical body and the mind. Research by Harvard School of Public Health argues that regular exercise boosts your mood and help in reduction of stress. If you stay fit, you will enjoy better sleep at night. Daily physical activity enables you to fall asleep faster and enjoy a more profound rest. Regular training increases mental alertness and sharpness. When you exercise, the brain releases endorphins which project better moods. Regular exercises enable you to experience more energy and positivity for your kids on your daily work.

Additionally, proper running improves your Intelligent Quotient (IQ). Enough supply of oxygen to your brain due to regular workouts and increase in hormonal production in mind such as neurotransmitters enhance the concentration and memory. Staying fit can change your mood for the better and enables a positive mindset. Staying fit as you age maintains your high cognitive abilities, boosts confidence, and improves your self-esteem which your kids can learn from. Being fit also enables you to run and play with your kids which helps in bringing you closer.

You also make better life decisions if you are relaxed and offer your kid’s better thoughtful advice on life.

You Experience Better Productivity and Higher Energy Levels at Work and Home

The metabolism in your body burns the fat that provides energy and muscle rebuilding. With regular exercise and maintaining a healthy weight, you increase the rate of metabolism. Playing football or running every weekend goes a long way in improving your energy levels. Additionally, your productivity at work improves after a routine workout and healthy living. If you are stronger and fit, your duties become easier to handle.

Aerobic and weightlifting activities help in strengthening bones which enables you to manage various everyday tasks at your home and helping your kids out. Exercises such as cycling facilitate faster delivery of oxygen and other required nutrients to body tissues and help the cardiovascular system to work more efficiently. Better functioning of the heart and lungs ensure required nutrients and blood circulate better providing more energy to handle daily tasks.

Samantha Clayton, senior director of Worldwide Fitness Education at Herbalife, outlines mental benefits of staying fit are more important than external changes. The increased motivation and confidence help you to improve the intensity of exercise. In addition to higher productivity at work, you experience lower risks to fractures. Dancing, weight training, playing, running or cycling strengthens your bones. Regular practice keeps bones strong reduce the risk of fractures. Higher levels of energy mean you can spare some time to have fun with kids after work.

Staying fit not only enhances your chances of living longer through reduction of risk to diseases but it also enhances your relationship your kids. Vibrant physical activity with healthy-eating habits improves your fitness. Additionally, daily physical activity and balanced nutrition is his lifestyle to stay healthy in a competitive sport and inspire your children. Staying fit and health comes with energy and enthusiasm to accomplish every task and be the best. Start your preferred activity to stay healthy for your kids and impact every part of their life.