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Top Tips For Staying Healthy When Travelling



Top tips for staying healthy when travelling

When travelling, staying healthy can be the least of your concerns. With so much to think about, so much exploring to do and so many hangovers to beat, keeping your diet on track can be more than a little challenging. While making sure you’re ready for your trip, don’t forget to renew ehic prior to travelling in case you fall ill while you’re away. Here are our top tips for staying healthy when travelling this summer:

Eat fruit

When we say there’s nothing like eating an ice-cold bowl of water melon sitting on the beach, we mean it! Refreshing and delicious, eating fruit is a great way to stay healthy on holiday. Although you don’t have to eat fruit, simply making healthy swaps can help ensure you diet stays on track throughout your time travelling. Why not swap normal fries for healthier sweet potato fries and use natural sweeteners instead of sugar?

Drink plenty of water

Most of us don’t get enough water on the average day – let alone on holiday! The only difference is on holiday we consume a lot more alcohol than at home, which is why many of us suffer from dehydration abroad. Amongst soaking up the intensive heat and good vibes, drinking a sufficient amount of water often slips our mind. To ensure you drink plenty of water when travelling, always carry a water bottle with you.

Avoid over indulging

With eat-all-you-can buffets left, right and centre, eating healthily abroad can be a struggle – not to mention deciding between fried and scrambled egg on toast every morning! But it is possible to keep your eating on track in the sun. To ensure you can fit back into your skinny jeans when you return home, make a plan and control your portion sizes – despite being on holiday, portions still do exist! Pile up the vegetables and reduce the amount of carbohydrates you excitedly plonk on your plate after competing in a friendly game of volleyball.

Eat breakfast

People who eat breakfast tend to consume more fibre, minerals and vitamins throughout the day than those who make a conscious decision to skip it. Not only does eating breakfast fuel your body, but it’s great for the brain too and makes you feel more energised, so you can continue enjoy your time abroad bursting with excitement! If you plan to party the night away and not wake until noon the next day, consider buying yogurt and granola to store in your backpack so you never have an excuse for skipping breakfast!


Most, if not all, hotels have a gym and if they don’t, you can take advantage of the outdoor space and swimming pool to get active by getting involved in water aerobics. It’s much easier to sustain your normal day-to-day routine if your hotel gym is kitted out with familiar equipment, but if your hotel gym happens to differ from what you’re used to then focus on workouts that include high-intensity burst of cardio. You can’t go wrong with quick intervals of cardio, it’s a great way to increase the amount of calories burnt per session, especially when you are consuming more than usual.