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What Is Prajna Yoga?



There are several different types of yoga. While most share the fundamental principles, each one has different approaches. For example, Bikram yoga or otherwise known as hot yoga has become more popular for aiding weight loss.

Over the years, a lot of yoga instructors who have sought to explore the different facets of yoga can come up with improved and more focused approaches. These are the exceptional yogis who have conducted years of private yoga classes Kuala Lumpur or beginner’s yoga classes and have established their names in the industry. These are the yogis who have sought to explore and learn the different facets of yoga.

One of the more recent ones is the Prajna yoga. In Sanskrit, the word ‘prajna’ means insight, wisdom, and deeper understanding. This type of yoga is founded upon the developing embodied knowledge, the elevated sense of knowing that permeates the body, from the nerve endings to the connective tissues and blood cells throughout the body.

For people who are taking private yoga classes Kuala Lumpur or enrolling in beginners yoga classes and those interested in developing their yoga practice by taking it to another level, Prajna offers a beautiful route. This practice was developed by Tias Little, who is known as the founder of Prajna Yoga and is based in Santa Fe in New Mexico.

Prajna Yoga was developed with combined different approaches of Iyengar Yoga and Ashtanga. It also incorporates Zen training and Buddhist meditation. Tias was able to develop this new yoga practice from his experience and expertise in massage therapy, somatics, anatomy training, cranial-sacral therapy and a profound understanding of Eastern philosophy.

Throughout his years of practice, Tias was able to expertly weave together the different aspects of yogic training to come up with Prajna yoga that beautifully brings this practice to life and making it ideal for complementing the modern lifestyle. While other yoga practices on yoga poses or the physical practice, Prajna puts great emphasis on developing a deeper understanding of all aspects involved in the yogic process. For this reason, any individual can engage and discover the great benefits of Prajna through taking private yoga classes Kuala Lumpur or enrolling in beginner’s yoga classes.

The symbol of Prajna is the knot of eternity, which is used to represent the interconnectivity of all beings as well as the unity of life that includes everything. This also happens to be one of the eight symbols that represent the wisdom of Buddhism teachings. The teaching suggests that there is no such thing as “me” “you’ and “I” that is isolated from everything. This Prajna private yoga classes Kuala Lumpur and beginner’s yoga classes focus on one’s relationship with the world and all things in life. Through the formation of the Prajna yoga community, bonds can be actively developed to tie everyone together in order to celebrate that interconnectedness.

Prajna Yoga practice combines the spiritual yoga philosophy, meditation, and physical practice. It also helps one develop mind and body connection beyond physical exercise. For people who plan to take Prajna private yoga classes Kuala Lumpur or enrolling in beginner’s yoga classes, this yoga practice is not about getting the body you want, but it is more on working out the physical, spiritual and mental strength in order to be able to live a fuller life.

Prajna Yoga is described as something more of a moving meditation, which reminds students not merely to focus on the physical, but also work on the mental, emotional, and spiritual parts that come with this interdisciplinary path. This allows those who take Prajna private yoga classes Kuala Lumpur or enroll in beginner yoga classes to maximize and enjoy the full, unadulterated benefits of yoga.

If you want to are looking at yoga as a long-term practice, consider Prajna yoga. While this is a relatively new type of yoga, it has gained a loyal following, more from people who have been practicing yoga for years. However, this type of yoga is not limited to people who extensive yoga practice, but even beginners can significantly benefit from it.

Not many yoga studios offer this type of yoga. For this reason, you may want to consider a private yoga class in Kuala Lumpur. A one-on-one session or a class limited to a certain number of students will make it easier to focus on your growth and development as you discover the great benefits of yoga. Take yoga practice to a whole new level with Prajna yoga.