8 Ways You Can Get In Better Shape With Your Smartphone

What’s the old adage about losing weight and getting in shape? That the process is simple: diet and exercise. Making it more complicated only makes it more difficult.

So why are we suggesting that you get your smart phone involved in your own personal fitness regimen?

Simple: because your smart phone has about a zillion ways in which it can enhance your life and make dieting and exercising easier and more convenient. After all, your personal journey toward total fitness is hard enough as it is; you should make it easier on yourself whenever possible. Here are eight ways to accomplish just that – using modern smart phone technology. There are tons of fitness apps you can try out.

1. Track your runs/distance training. Whether you like to run or bicycle, you can use your smart phone not only to track your distance but your time – the end result is that you get to measure your performance. This helps you to set regular benchmarks that encourage you to challenge yourself to improve. Check out Digitizd.com for some great apps to help you track your exercise.

2. Track your Calorie Intake
Using a site like MyFitnessPal is great – but what if you don’t actually stick to it because you forget everything you ate? Using your smart phone to log on to these sites will help you to track your calories accurately while you’re on the go, which means that you’ll have a better picture of the calories you’re taking in.

3. Gauge a Restaurant’s True Performance
If you’re not sure about the calories you’re taking in at a sit-down restaurant (most fast food restaurants will give you their nutrition information, oftentimes on the wrappers), then you can use your smart phone to compensate.

4. Inspiration
Clip your smart phone into a secure arm strap and you can listen to the entire database of music you’ve downloaded. Create an inspirational playlist and you’ll never want for motivation again.

5. Get Social
A great way to keep yourself motivated is to remain accountable to others – you can do this by using your smart phone to share your exercises, such as with the app Daily Mile.

6. Make Running Fun
Games like “Zombies, Run!” are great for adding a twist to your workouts. Sure, you may frighten those around you if you start shouting about how you’re running from zombies, but we trust you not to do that. This article on Digitizd lists several apps that can make exercise more fun.

7. Track your Progress
There’s nothing that breeds success quite like success, so use your smart phone not only to track your progress but to display it to others if they wonder how you’ve been doing.

8. Turn it Off!
Finally, sometimes it helps just to turn off the smart phone, connect with nature, de-stress, and discover exactly what it is that makes you fit in the first place: you. The smart phone is a powerful tool, but it makes for a poor master.

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