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Revealed – 5 Best Health and Fitness Apps



In today’s world, when health and technology are going hand in hand, there is no looking back to your personal trainer for an appointment every time. Perhaps, you don’t need your nutritionist anymore to check out your calorie chart every month for ensuring that you’re in sound health. With health and fitness apps on everyone’s mind, you’re all set to get healthier, happier, and better and very much in the shape of your choice.

Let’s list out the number of apps that can help you to keep a track of your healthy breakfast, workout habits, and a lot more.

Bit timer app

Bit timer is inarguably one of the simplest, fastest, and easiest twitter apps specially designed keeping the hardcore workouts in mind. Now your boring workout session has got interesting with this easy-to-use interval timer. Bit timer gets you an easy and friendly interface. Internal training goes interesting like never before!

Strava Cycling app

Love to cycle? Now the Strava cycling apps will let you have the kind of fun you always wanted to have in your cycling sessions. No matter what method you choose to use, with Strava run it has now become easier to keep a track of all your exercises confidently.

You can not only track your rides but also analyze all the sessions of your rides closely. Good time to compete with friends and strangers right?

Noom Weight loss app

The amazing features of this app justify its growing popularity among its users. With features like activity reminders, interesting fun challenges, and useful articles this app is all set to help you get back in shape sooner than you ever thought of!

With this app, you can get to know more about the multiple weight loss methods. With the Noom weight loss app, you can also go ahead and save your scores per session. This makes it easy for you to track progress in your weight loss program from time to time. Happy losing!

Fast food Nutrition app

You’ve always wanted to track your health and fitness right? Now, it’s time to track the specifics of the fast food you eat! With the most desirable fast food nutrition app, you can easily find out the kind of nutrition you get (or you don’t get) by a particular fast food.

This app boasts of supporting over 350 restaurants so you can be sure that no matter what fast food you take, this app will always get you its nutritional details in the blink of an eye.  Create the fast food you’re about to order and you will be amazed to see it serving as your calorie calculator. Be a witness to the impact that your choices in a meal can have on your health and lifestyle.

Sleep Cycle app

The sleep cycle app is one app that will track your sleep patterns and suggest the overall quality of your sleep. This app is capable of letting you know when you’re awake or in deep sleep. It can also indicate your lighter sleep sessions!

The sleep cycle app is also capable of tracking down all your movements while you’re sleeping. So, now you have an app that works for you even when you’re asleep! Tracking your sleeping habits that often change over time is now fun! Isn’t it?

So, now you know you’re not alone in your health and fitness program. When followed faithfully, these apps and many more available at the command of your fingers will streamline your workout schedule.

These apps not just help you make the best health-related decisions but they also educate you by providing authentic information helpful for furthering your lifestyle. Highly recommended for the ones who love to pay special attention to their health and wellness! Enjoy the liberty of getting the best results with the least efforts!