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Weight Loss

Before and After Surgeries of the Rich and Famous



In the Battle of the Bulge, celebrities will often seek out unconventional weight loss methods that have varying degrees of success. Star Jones, Sharon Osbourne, and Al Roker have all had gastric bypass surgeries. When you’re a celebrity such as they are, the triumphs and failures of weight loss are often seen in the public eye. Although the procedure can have positive results, to lose the weight and keep it off, a gastric bypass diet must be adhered to following the operation – which doesn’t always happen.

Star Jones

Star Jones is well-known for getting gastric bypass surgery and for dropping an incredible 160 pounds as a result. After having the operation, Jones kept quiet about why she was losing such a drastic amount of weight. Years later, she began speaking publicly about it, saying that it was private and something she had to go through outside of the media. Jones has since discussed the liquid diet she had to go on for eight weeks post-surgery, but how she lost the majority of the staggering amount she did through diet and exercise – which is something she has continued to do to this day. She says that the procedure taught her how to view food differently.

Sharon Osbourne

Back in 1999, Sharon Osbourne had gastric bypass surgery. The rock goddess lost 125 pounds but decided to have the band removed in 2006. Osbourne reportedly wanted to focus on the psychological reasons that caused her to have such long-standing issues with her weight. This decision came after a 15-pound weight gain – Osbourne said that even though the band restricted the amount she could take in, she was still able to pack on some extra pounds. That’s when she felt as though she needed to seek therapy to get to the root of her weight issues.

Al Roker

Al Roker is another celebrity who has lost a significant amount of weight after having gastric bypass surgery. Roker lost an impressive 115 pounds, but he has had more struggles in his efforts to maintain a healthy weight. At some point, he had gained back about 40 pounds. That’s when he realized he needed to make severe changes beyond surgery – Roker now follows the healthy gastric bypass diet he’s supposed to and exercises regularly.

Weight Loss Success

Although gastric bypass surgery can help people like Star Jones, Sharon Osbourne, and Al Roker as well as mere mortals achieve their weight loss goals, it doesn’t mean it’s smooth sailing after the surgery is done. As proclaimed by most who have had the operation – permanent weight loss always comes down to sticking to your diet and exercise.