How to Create the Ideal Computer Workstation

Summertime is over, and if you are a student that means you’re back in school. Whether you are in elementary school, hitting the high school textbooks, or off to college, there is one thing you as students have in common: Over the next several months, you’ll be spending numerous hours (sometimes burning the midnight oil!) sitting at a computer desk and in front of a computer screen. Since studies show that scholastic performance is enhanced by a comfortable, user-friendly workstation, let’s take a closer look at how you can set up the ideal back-to-school ergonomic computer workstation.

A good way to think about ergonomics is furniture which provides maximum comfort and which promotes perfect body alignment and proper posture. If all three of these elements are present in your computer chair, computer desk, computer monitor, keyboard, mouse, and desk lighting, then you can look forward to a physically pain-free year of hitting the books – and hopefully some great marks if you have good study habits.

However if you typically hunch or slouch while you read, strain your neck to view your monitor, experience weary eyes due to glare on your screen, or sit with cramped legs under a too-short desk, you could be in for an injury prone year marked by upper/lower back pain, headaches, muscle cramps, stiff joints, poor blood circulation, and fatigue. Likewise, if you hold your wrist in an awkward position while you use your keyboard or mouse, have to strain to reach items in your workstation, or simply sit for hours at a time without taking any breaks, you may end up developing a common repetitive stress injury known as Carpel Tunnel Syndrome or a painful Cumulative Trauma Disorder (CTD), wherein your musculoskeletal structure becomes damaged or inflamed.

There is good news on the horizon, however! Thanks to a slew of new-and-improved ergonomic products designed specifically for students, this dismal back-to-school scenario does not have to be your experience. In fact, outfitted with the right student furniture adjusted to your specific body height, weight, and type, and with a little bit of know-how regarding correct sitting positions, you can no doubt look forward to a productive and happy scholastic year ahead.

So how can you take care of your body and become an “A” student at the same time? Here is a list of ergonomic products which will help you create the best ergonomic computer workstation environment:

  • Ergonomic Student Chair featuring an adjustable height mechanism, a back which conforms to the contours of your spine, adjustable armrests, swivel options, and 2-3 tilt positions
  • Adjustable-Height Computer Desk
  • Sit/Stand Desk (allowing you to alternate between sitting and standing positions while you study)
  • Gel Wrist-Rest Keyboard
  • Gel Mouse Pad
  • Footrest (for ideal posture, sit with your feet resting flat on the floor)

If you’re like most students, you probably spend just as much time playing video games or card games online as you do studying! And that’s a good thing since according to experts, regular study breaks are an important ingredient in the recipe for scholastic success. Alternatively, you might enjoy kicking back to a good book, listening to music, or shopping online. Whether you’re surfing the Internet or video chatting with your friends, be sure your computer area is well lit. Likewise, take regular breaks from sitting at the computer.

Stretch, go for a walk (even if it’s just to the kitchen for periodic snacks), or better yet, workout once a day. These activities will not only relieve your cramped-up muscles and prevent sitting-related injuries, but they will refresh your mind, renew your spirits, and help you achieve those all-important good grades.

To create the ideal computer workstation – at home, at school, or at the office – invest in ergonomic equipment, which maximizes comfort, promotes good posture and health, and increases productivity. Kare Products cares about improving the comfort, health and safety in people’s lives.

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