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Top 5 Causes Of Workplace Injuries



Top 5 causes of workplace injuries

Accidents can occur at any time, but the easiest way to avoid them is to make your environment as safe as possible. This means wearing a seatbelt in a car, wearing a helmet when cycling and avoiding unnecessary hazards. The same applies when you are at work. However, there are times when you will need to perform a hazardous task. To minimize that risk, your employer should provide the training and equipment you need for any specific task.

Despite this, there are common workplace injuries, and if your employer hasn’t provided the appropriate training and equipment, you can seek the advice of a personal injury lawyer. Here are the top workplace accidents that you should try to avoid.


Not always easy to avoid, but a problem for many people in the workplace. Worries over job security, workload and even issues at home can all contribute to the stress. If you are feeling overwhelmed, find out if your employer has someone such as a therapist that you can talk to about the problems. In some cases, they can approach the employer with recommendations to lower your stress.


Kitchens and restrooms are among the most common areas for slipping accidents. Sometimes it can result in serious injury that can take months to heal. It’s important for your employer to have slip warning boards available to place over spilt liquids or if the floor is being washed.


Another common accident in the workplace, tripping over objects or on an uneven floor can result in long-term injuries. Your employer should have procedures in place to keep walkways and work areas clear from hazards and train health and safety colleagues and you on the dangers of trip hazards.

You should always keep your work area tidy and report any areas that are not cleared away. This will help prevent you and others from having an accident.


Back problems are one of the most common ailments, and it’s not difficult to see why. In many cases, we don’t always remember how to lift safely. Employers should always give training on the correct way to lift heavy objects, and once they have given this training, it is your responsibility to adhere to it.

However, if it’s found that you lifted something incorrectly after training, it’s unlikely that you will be entitled to any compensation.

Hazardous Materials

When working with hazardous liquids or materials, you should always wear the safety gear that is supplied by your employer. If the appropriate clothing or gloves are not supplied, you should raise it immediately. If it results in an injury, then your employer may be liable to pay compensation.

These are just a few of the many common injuries caused at work. By following the training and using the safety equipment, the risk should be minimal. Any accidents caused by faulty equipment or lack of training can be cause for legal action against your employer. In any such cases, it’s important to seek advice from an attorney.