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Enough of Prolonged Sitting! Here’s How It is Affecting Your Health



If you are a couch potato or someone who spends most of their time sitting in front of the computer, keep reading this. When an individual sits for too long, they are inactive and their unused energy stays in the body. This energy changes into fat and increases the chances of weight gain, which further leads to health problems associated with overweight and obesity.

A number of health and wellness studies have proven prolonged sitting to be the cause of heart attacks, diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure, depression, obesity and many other health hazards.

Although there are a number of processes available now that help in the reduction of body fat such as Sono Bello, you need to take precautionary measures to maintain body weight even after the process. According to a cardiologist, Martha Gorgan, the risk of cardiovascular diseases increases when people shift towards a sedentary lifestyle. The threat of heart attack in protracted sitting is similar to that in smoking, and exercising to combat these diseases doesn’t work either. Here’s how you are inviting your own death by sitting for longer periods.

Stiffness in Shoulder and Neck

Our posture greatly impacts the strain that can occur on our shoulder and neck. When we are bent upon our chairs while looking at the screen of our computers, it can cause tension, which can worsen with prolonged sitting.

Anxiety and Depression

With physical aspects, it is important to consider the mental aspect of extended sitting as well. It was found that people who sit the most are at a higher risk of anxiety and depression because inactivity is closely related to these issues. Movement and regular workout can overcome these mental health problems.

Weight Gain

Your body requires lipoprotein lipase molecules to digest the sugar and fatty foods that you eat. However, these molecules are released by the body while it is moving. Spending most part of the day sitting will hinder in the discharge of those molecules and increase the bottom part of your body. Metabolic syndrome is another health problem that is even faced by individuals who exercise regularly.

Muscle Weakening

Like other parts of your body, your leg muscles also require some movement or a decline in their functionality might occur, which can also cause muscle atrophy. The possibility of injury will also increase if the weakening of glute muscles takes place, because these muscles help in stabilizing your body.


A research showed an increase in insulin resistance by just 5 days bed rest. This insulin resistance is basically the initiator of diabetic problems.

Heart Diseases

Your heart needs its exercise! You are enhancing your chances of early death by extended sitting as it is the leading source of cardiovascular diseases. A study showed that men, who spend 23 hours watching television a week, while sitting, were at 64% risk of dying from heart related diseases.


Whether cancer is caused by sitting for long or not isn’t apparent yet. But few studies have shown that prolonged sitting may be associated with a definite type of cancer such as uterine, colon, or lung cancer.

There are ways an individual can prevent such diseases and move towards healthier habits. Frequent breaks, stretching and movement while sitting, taking the stairs often, and stand-up desks, are some of the solutions people in the past have come up with. You can also opt for advanced methods of losing body fat rapidly such as Sono Bello and make a fresh start with positive lifestyle choices for better health and wellness.