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Just like the way you want your dress to match your shoes, your bags should also agree with your style. Maybe for some, this is not an important consideration, but for many fashion-conscious women, it is. Even your purse must agree with the way you present yourself. After all, it defines the kind of fashion you follow, or you are bound to be held with no fashion sense.

The Must-Haves and the Right Buddy

Do you think foundation, or lipstick, or blush-on alone can satisfy your beauty necessities? The answer is no because each cosmetic product complements the others. They are always fused to achieve what is expected. Thus, a make-up kit will not be complete if even only one of these essentials is missing.

In choosing cosmetic bags, usually, you will need to consider first the things that you will put in it. Basic beauty requirements such as make-up base, eye shadows, blush on, and lipstick are always inseparable. Those are not enough to achieve and satisfy your aesthetic needs. Do not forget the brushes you use for specific make-up application. Your hand and fingers are not made of a bristle, which is why those brushes are also essential. Beauty takes a lot.

That is where the size of the bag may vary. You might probably be thinking that a pouch is enough to accommodate the essential things you should bring along. If you intend to bring all those things with you, a purse cannot provide all of them. You can have your entire beauty stuff in a container without looking so bulky. Different bag sizes could fit, not only to your choice but also with your needs. A small purse is enough only for blush on and lipstick, that is why if you want to bring your complete kit, a medium-sized bag is more practical. And if you want your entire outfit to work with each other, a larger one could be more appropriate.

Mix and Match

Cosmetic bags are important. Your preference, the size, and the way you pull it off is always up to deliberation. But never forget style, because no matter how the size of the bag agrees with your needs or how laid back you carry it, the ease of having it with you and the way others see it counts a lot.

Like what Coco Chanel said, “Fashion is architecture: it is a matter of proportions.” If you are used to going out with just your purse, you can also try bringing something bigger or new in style. At first, it feels uneasy because it is something you are not used to be bringing along. You may be looking for something more of you, but there is no harm in trying to mix a little eccentricity in fashion without mismatching. That is precisely what makes style the most tolerable art.