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Want to Push Your Levels Up in 2015? 7 Best Fitness Apps for That Extra Push



Are you focused on getting fit in 2015? With fitness and dieting apps available to boost your drive, your overall wellbeing is easier to achieve. Use your iPhone or your favorite Android phone to find great apps that will keep you going strong throughout the year. These awesome apps will keep you busy and motivated to get into better shape.


Measure your carbs, sugar, and sodium intake on a daily basis and then compare your calorie burning exercises to create a personalized fitness plan. MyFitnessPal has a comprehensive database of over three million foods you can simply search for and add to your daily food log. The app also keeps you inspired with a competitive community and 350 exercises you can use to improve strength and cardio training.

Nike+ Move

If running is your thing, then Nike has an app just for you. The app has built-in coaching programs to help you train for races by tracking your distances and run times. Competitive users can challenge their friends to workout sessions, checking to see who is faster and working towards goals as virtual training pals. Whenever you are really proud of your time or your motivational level, you can post an update from the app right onto your social media pages, complete with an image from your route, the map of your route, the total competed distance, and the time of your run. You can then check it out on your iPhone 6 and its ultra-clear HD Retina Display from anywhere, as long you have a reliable network.


With one of the most comprehensive fitness programming libraries currently on any app, DailyBurn includes the components you need to create an exciting new workout on a daily basis. The app offers exercises for weightlifting, stretching, aerobics, yoga, and more. The app offers many free resources and instructional videos and, for a monthly fee, you get unlimited access to the entire library.


If you don’t enjoy working out, but you do enjoy competitive games, then Fitocracy is the right app to improve your health and fitness. Harnessing the infectious power of online gaming, Fitocracy allows you to level up, earning points for various workouts and combating weak muscles and body fat. Beat quests and unlock achievements, keeping your tendency to loathe the gym at bay. This is the perfect app to get you started if you feel like you have been slacking miserably in the fitness category.


Go with a holistic approach to healthy living with an app that tracks your diet and activities, along with your weight and sleep habits. Paired with a FitBit tracker, this free app helps you set health goals, track your progress, and play with friends via a little healthy competition.

Lose It

Burn off more calories than you eat each day in order to shed the pounds. Lose It helps simplify weight loss with a personalized plan that tracks your eating and exercising. With Lose It, establishing goals is important, and so is the focus on group and one-on-one support systems to push you towards better health. Lose It has helped users shed over 38 million collective pounds.

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Just seven minutes a day for a seven month period will get you from the easy chair into the routine for fitness. Seven is based on research that shows why high-intensity, short interval training is good for your body. Just use a chair and your own body weight to complete the activities guided by illustrations, virtual timers, instructions, and feedback on your exercises. Missing a day will cost you a heart, but missing more than three in a month will reset all your progress to zero. Earn rewards, unlock achievements and track your progress on graphs for a newer and more fit you.

It’s hard to get fit, especially when daily life gets in the way—and it always does. Many Americans want to get into better shape but dread the gym or the time they need to spend toning muscle and losing weight. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to get better at thinking and acting healthier.