Middle Age Is Coming: How Can You Stay Healthy?

Those creaking knees, limparms and heavy-beating heart – you can feel middle-age kick in with a vengeance. While you realise this, some black-robed skeletal chap stands in the distance, shouting “COME A LITTLE CLOSER”, and all you can think about when you see your kids is their potential for replacement organs.

Indeed, when those 40s approach, your health could hit the fan along with it.

Even if you’ve maintained a healthy diet and lifestyle, age will catch up with you – and you’ll need to find solutions.

That’s why we’ve put together a few of these common ailments and their remedies, all to help you lead a healthier later life.

Chronic back pain

Back pain can stem from any number of activities. If you’re sat at a desk for eight hours a day, for instance, the sedentary lifestyle can set it off. However, any overuse of your body, from too much jogging or physical activity, can see it rear its head – it’s a creaking of the bones you can’t avoid.

The solution?One company in Singapore has created the ideal solution to joint pains caused from walking. Entitled Apostherapy, it’s essentially a new type of shoe sole designed to readjust your joints and stop abrasions caused when walking.

However, if your back pain is more severe, then surgery could be the answer. Your surgeon could restructure the spinal cord and strengthen the muscles. This is, admittedly, only in the most extreme cases, but it could make the world of difference.

Heart disease

Unlike the natural wear and tear of bones, preventing heart disease shouldn’t prove too difficult in your middle years. But if you fail to maintain a healthy lifestyle, the consequences could prove dire for you later in life – if you make it that far.

The solution?The best solution is the most obvious in this case – plenty of exercise and a healthy balanced diet can dramatically reduce the risk of heart disease. Also consume plenty of fish oil, which contains Omega-3 to help reduce inflammation in heart valves.

Vision and hearing loss

Although your vision and hearing lose their efficacy naturally, our global diet of widescreen tellies and music louder than the Dresden fire bombings is leading to their premature aging. A young person today is predicted to have the hearing of a 70-year-old by the time they hit 40.

The solution?If you’re using earphones, try to keep them at 50 per cent of their maximum volume. Plus, don’t use cotton buds to clean your ears – they’re more likely to push wax inside your lobes and damage your hearing.

As for the eyes, try to keep your screen-watching time to a minimum. And head to the optometrists at regular intervals. The longer you leave your peepers unchecked, the greater the strain you’ll place on them.

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