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Why Should You Consider When You Buy A Portable Massage Table?



If you are working as a mobile massage therapist or you simply want to be able to offer massage services at the home of the client, it is obvious that you will need a portable massage table. Whenever looking for one, you will be stuck because of the many different choices that are available on the market.

In order to help you choose with ease, here are some of the things you have to always consider. We are sure that will help you.

Who Is The Client?

Are your clients men, children, or women? What are their body types? Do your clients have to deal with constant pain? Are they pregnant women? Answer such questions in order to be able to choose a portable massage table that would properly support clients. You have access to tables that are designed especially for such clients.

What Is The Massage Type You Practice?

Are you currently practicing sports massage, Canadian deep muscle massage, or sports massage? Maybe you use a lighter technique like Reiki, hot stone massage, or acupressure.

The portable massage table that you will need with some massage types has to be sturdier, stronger due to pulling and pushing techniques. If you are usually focused on the patient’s head, you will need a really strong headrest. Reinforced center areas are necessaries for the modalities that will focus on organs and body core.

Stability And Strength

The clients have to be safe and comfortable at all times. This basically means that the portable massage table has to be as sturdy and strong as necessary. Bariatric rated tables that are reinforced may be necessary for heavier clients.

The material that you choose should be hardwood or aluminum. Aluminum tables are usually recommended because of having less weight and offering suitable strength.

Practitioner Ergonomics

During massage school lessons you surely learn about the fact that self-care is necessary. You need a portable massage table that will offer perfect access to the clients without strain or reach. If the table is too wide, the body can be strained while working on the client.

Cheap massage tables that are not capable of supporting clients will have you support them. Think about width as it should range between 27 and 32 inches. Also, look for the possibility of adding extra ergonomics. Sometimes you will want to add some extras.


The portable massage table has to accommodate different clientele and various practice modalities. There are many different tables that will give you access to accessories like armrests, table extenders, or headrests. Various bolsters are currently available for client positioning and comfort, together with carrying carts and cases.

Always take a look at the factors mentioned above when you buy your portable massage table. That will help you to choose properly. It is a guarantee that you will make a much better choice if you take them into account. Have patience and always look at all models available on the market.