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The Legendary Health Benefits of Bananas!



Bananas have developed a legendary reputation in the fitness community for their energy-giving properties so much, so it has become the food of choice for many when heading into a grueling workout.  The health benefits of bananas extend far beyond the realm of being an ideal pre-workout snack, as we shall soon discover.


Bananas are highly regarded for their energy-giving properties: immediate and long term.  The glucose in a banana provides the body with an immediate source of energy, and as such, makes it an ideal post-workout snack to restore depleted sugar levels after an intense workout quickly.  Consuming bananas also restores the potassium lost through sweat since it is one of the richest food sources of this element.  Evidently, for their ability to restore low sugar levels and correct electrolyte imbalances bananas are excellent to have after a workout.

The fructose and fiber in a banana provides energy of a long term nature.  Fructose is digested in the small intestine, so it will take a longer time to impact sugar levels than glucose.  The advantage of this is that the energy is released in small and consistent doses when needed, thereby providing long term energy heading into a lengthy and grueling workout.  For this reason, the flexibility of this food is an asset since it allows for both short term and long term energy.


Apart from the energy derived from consuming bananas, they also have many other health-related benefits.  Stress has been linked to low potassium levels and bananas being a rich source of potassium can serve to greatly reduce stress and lower blood pressure.  Bananas also have a positive impact on mood because of the tryptophan it contains thereby making it a great food to have to renew lagging motivation to work out.

The potassium in a banana serves to hold onto calcium, and this is important to maintain bones to support muscle.  Eating bananas will, therefore, counteract the body, losing calcium as one ages to avert the onset of osteoporosis.  Persons suffering from digestive disorders would benefit a great deal from the soothing effect of bananas through the reduction of levels of acidity in the system.    Bananas are a great source of iron, making it an excellent food for anemic individuals.  With so many benefits to be obtained from consuming bananas, it is not surprising why it has developed such a legendary reputation.


The banana is more than just a food; it is a tonic.  If you have at least one banana a day from now on, then in a matter of days, you will feel more energized, less stressed, and more motivated.  This is a small change to make in your diet for such amazing benefits.  Do it today for a healthier you!